Caretaker Admits To Stealing From Residents In Georgia Nursing Home

Caretaker Admits To Stealing From ResidentsYvonne Winslow, a Georgia nursing home worker, has been charged with six felony counts including abuse of the elderly after admitting to authorities she stole an elderly couples debit care and used it at several stores in the Savannah, GA area.

The financial abuse of elderly took place at the Savannah Specialty Care Center where Winslow was working as a caretaker.  Winslow has been terminated from the facility and is in jail as she awaits trial.  Read more about this case of financial exploitation of the elderly here.


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  1. yvonne winslow says:

    for4 years I yvonne winslow took good care of charlot miller, and her husband, I’m very sorry for what happand, but I can’t take it back I’m not a bad person and anyone that knows me will tell you that. I just made a mistake in judgment.(temtation is something eles )I took care of them as if they were my own parents, I would never intentionally do anything to hurt an ealdy person that’s not my nature. taking care of the elderly is my passion, and i’ve loved it for 12 years. and wanted to go further in my nursing career, and because of one mistake that I have made i’m being punshed like a command crimal.I’m a human being and I make mistakes. but GOD is murceyful I’ve never been in troble before, and if charolet miller was to be asked how was she being treated by yvonne winslow she has no other choice but to tell them how I’ve went above and beyond in the way I’ve took care of them I give her, and her husband the best of care she was always glad to see me. because I took such good care of her ,and her husband she has always said yvonne you do more for us then any of the CNA’S do for us I always went above and beyond when it came to anyone of my pt.s (I know now thatI’m gone she is not getting the same care) because,I knew the position that i would fine her and her husband in when I came on duty. that’s why she was always so glad to see me,and it made me feel good that i was needed, because I’m that kind of a caring person, and as for her grand daughter saying that she’s glad i’m off the streets, and can’t hurt nobody any more. as if I have actually hurt, or beat apon her grandprants when all i did was give them the best of care , but that’s ok because GOD knows my heart, and being a christian person he’s going to deal with that elderly abuse charge, because that charge does not fit my personality I found the card and used it that was wrong that doesn’t make mean an elderly abuser THE GRAND DAUGHTER TOOK THIS WAY OUT OF PERPORSION I GUESS SHE NEVER ASKED HER GRANDPARENTS HOW I TOOK CARE OF THEM SHE USE THAT ONE THING AGINST ME GOD WILL DEAL WITH HER ON THE WAY SHE HANDLE THAT SITUATION as he did me (guess what GOD was not going to allow me to sit behind bars) he’s just that forgiving and mercyful.are you a child of GOD.. GOD has already forgivin me have you.

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