Elderly Driving – When is it Time to Stop?

We all get older. When this happens, we reach a point where our vision is not what it was in the past. Also, our reflexes start to slow, and we are not able to react as fast as when we were younger. And in many cases our memory starts to fade, and we forget what we are doing. In addition, when we age we start having other medical events which can present problems as we get older. All of these factors can be reasons why elderly people may not be able to drive or should not be able to drive.

The decision to stop driving is one of the most difficult decisions that the elderly and their children face. Not being able to safely drive can be difficult for senior drivers. For decades they have had the independence that they needed to drive when and where they wanted. Now they are facing a decision where they may not be able to drive. This is especially difficult for children of elderly parents who may need to have the discussion about whether they can continue to drive, or to take the keys from them.

Careful consideration must be made before the decision can be made. To help parents and children make the proper decision, they need to research the subject to make an informed decision. To assist in the decision, we have assembled a number of helpful pages. We hope that this can help you or someone you know.

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