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There is no place for abuse or neglect in our nursing homes. When a loved one is placed in a skilled nursing facility, they deserve to be treated with respect in an environment that is safe. This is not just wishful thinking. This is what Federal and State Law dictate.

The Nursing Home Law Center is dedicated to providing families with the tools they need to make the decisions that impact their loved ones.

In the event that your loved one has suffered an injury or episode of mistreatment, we invite you to contact our nursing home abuse attorneys for a free review of your case. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of families from across the country recover the maximum compensation the law provides for.

Attorneys & Medical Care for People With Pressure Sores

Bed sores are a type of injury in which an individual suffers from open wounds and irritated skin patches that are caused by friction and unrelieved pressure. Elderly people frequently develop bed sores in a nursing home where they may not receive frequent attention from workers. An elderly person may develop bed sores on his or her elbows, sides, hips, knees, ankles and calf muscle areas. It is unfortunate that bedsores have become commonplace in nursing homes and medical facilities throughout the United States. If your loved one has developed a bedsore or pressure sore, then negligence may account for this adverse medical condition.

If your loved one has developed a bedsore or pressure sore, then negligence may account for this adverse medical condition. A bed sore attorney may be able to help file a medical negligence lawsuit on behalf of your loved one and help obtain compensation for his or her case.

Medical Facilities Putting Corporate Profits Ahead of Patient Care

There’s no magic formula for the prevention of pressure sores. The one thing that experts do agree on is that this condition is prevented when staff at nursing homes and hospitals actively care for patients who are susceptible to developing this condition. For the most part, this means keeping patients clean and dry (not allowing them to sit in urine or feces) and regularly rotating or turning the patients to relieve pressure that may build up on areas of their body in contact with hard surfaces such as mattresses or wheelchairs.

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While these prevention methods may appear to be straightforward, the implementation of these basic safeguards regularly get ignored when facilities simply do not have sufficient staffing levels to perform these duties. In order to maximize profitability, staffing levels are frequently cut at large medical and long-term care facilities. Without the sufficient staff to provide patient care, patient needs are delayed or downright ignore completely. That’s right, facilities across the country have made a conscious decision

That’s right, even at some of the most highly regarded facilities, staffing levels are trimmed to reduce operating expense and add to the companies profitability— all while unsuspecting patients suffer.

Why You Need to Hire an Experienced Law Firm to Prosecute a Pressure Sore Case Against a Nursing Home or Hospital

When it comes to the prosecution of pressure ulcer cases, medical facilities will vigorously defend their facilities as opposed to admitting fault and taking responsibility for negligent care. It takes an experienced law firm to represent the interests of your loved one and hold the facility accountable for their acts. At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, our attorneys have experience representing individuals and families in bed sore lawsuits against some of the most prominent nursing homes and hospitals across the United States.

Our experience handling pressure sore cases, has enabled us to gain access to the inner workings at many chains of nursing homes and hospitals, but it also allows for your case to be expeditiously prosecuted as we have a team of nurses and physicians on staff to both review medical records and prepare reports for litigation. Having experience with these cases means that your case will be handled by a team of attorneys who have worked on similar matters and who have a track record of successful recoveries.

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If your loved one developed a pressure sore during an admission to a nursing home, hospital or assisted living facility, we invite you to contact our office for a complimentary assessment of the situation with an attorney who has worked on similar matters. All of our bed sore cases are handled on a contingency fee basis where there is never a legal fee charged unless there is a recovery for you. Moreover, our office is involved with bed sore lawsuits across the country and has developed a network of some of the most preeminent attorneys who we work closely with and respect. Even if we cannot personally assist you, we can put you in contact with these people as a no-fee service.

Medical Description of Pressure Sores

Pressure sores frequently develop when there is prolonged pressure placed on the skin. In the nursing home context, they can arise when workers fail to turn an elderly person on his or her side or otherwise move the elderly person into a different position. If one remains in a medical bed in the same position for too long, pressure sores can result. Pressure sores are usually very painful, and victims with these injuries are unable to walk or move without a walker or wheelchair. The best treatment practices encourage workers to turn patients every two hours so that they can avoid developing bedsores.

Bedsores and pressure sores can actually pose serious health hazards for those with them. They can cause an unexpected death if an infection results or if a patient experiences reactions to drugs used to treat them. There are also other complications that can result from bedsores, such as septic shock. Septic shock results when open wounds are exposed to bacteria that enters the bloodstream. Loved ones should not be subjected to neglect or improper care that results in the development of bedsores. If they do develop bedsores, then attorneys may be available to assist in the process of filing bed sore lawsuits.

Stages Of Bed Sores
The Symptoms of Pressure Sore Stages

There are certain signs that can alert family members that a loved one is developing bedsores or has already developed bedsores. The development of a bedsore typically progresses through four stages, and family members can pay attention to the following stages to determine whether a loved one has a bedsore:

  • Stage One: In this stage, the skin is still held together. There is a slight red color to certain areas of the skin, such as the skin that covers the thigh, hip, elbow and knee regions. The skin feels warm, and an elderly person may experience pain in red areas.

  • Stage Two: There is an open wound in the skin. The epidermis has been punctured, and skin has been destroyed. The open wound has a light pink or brown color.

  • Stage Three: The pressure develops into a deep wound in the skin. There is an engraving in the skin, and one can see beneath the skin. There may be yellow, dead tissue surrounding the area.

  • Stage Four: At this point, an elderly person is in danger of experiencing blood loss, infection and serious medical issues. A stage four bedsore has a large-scale loss of tissue and fat. There are very dark and purple areas in the skin.

  • Unstageable Pressure Sore: In some situations where a wound has progressed and there decaying flesh make the wound difficult to evaluate, some facilities characterize the pressure sore as being ‘unstageable’.

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Causes of Pressure Sores in Medical Facilities: Nursing Homes & Hospitals

There are various causes of pressure sores in medical facilities for loved ones. When a loved one is not moved from a wheelchair or bed for long periods of time, then the skin is unable to receive nutrients and oxygen. As a result, bedsores develop.

Friction can also cause severe bedsores. Friction usually causes bedsores when inexperienced or improperly trained staff workers attempt to move patients from a bed and into a wheelchair. They may drop a patient or rub his or her skin against the side of a bed. This can cause serious wounds in the skin.

A shear can also cause a serious bedsore. A shear occurs when the skin is pulled in two opposite directions. A patient may fall from a bed or may actually slide against the bed. His or her skin may be pulled by a bed and cause serious bedsores.

Caring for Advanced Pressure Sores and Bedsores

It is possible to treat bedsores if they are discovered early in the developmental process. For stage I or II bedsores, a simple repositioning or use of support surfaces may be enough to heal the bedsore.

When bedsores have progressed to a stage III or IV, then it is likely necessary to remove dead skin from the area. Otherwise, the skin area is at risk for developing an infection and causing serious illness to a loved one. The process of removing dead skin from the bedsore area is referred to as debridement.

Surgery may be required for stage IV and very serious bedsores. Surgery may be required to prevent further fluid loss from the skin region. It may also be required to improve the appearance of the bedsore.

After any of these options has been chosen, it will also be necessary for medical staff workers to properly sanitize and clean the wound area.

Disheartening Statistics on Survival Rates for Patients With Pressure Sores and Bedsores

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released some disheartening statistics about pressure sores in the United States. In 2004, it was discovered that over 159,000 nursing home residents had developed pressure ulcers. The majority of these pressure ulcers were at the stage II phase.

In addition, over 35 percent of nursing home residents who had stage II ulcers were required to receive special care wound services. Over 20 percent of nursing home residents also experienced severe weight loss as a result of the bedsore.

Obtaining Compensation for Loved Ones When Bedsores Develop During an Admission to a Medical Facility With the Help of Bed Sore Attorneys

A bed sore attorney at the Nursing Home Law Center can help you learn about the damages that may be available for a loved one who has developed bedsores. No resident should have to suffer from bed sores in nursing home environments due to negligence. Bed sore lawsuits can be filed on behalf of a loved one when he or she has developed bed sores in nursing home environments as a result of neglect.

Call one of our bed sore lawyers to receive a free initial consultation about the claims that you may have against a nursing home facility or other person entrusted with the care of your loved one.

Nursing Home State Laws

Nursing home abuse lawsuits must be pursued according to the laws set forth by the state where the facility is located. In this section, our attorneys have compiled the relevant laws, regulations and local organizations for each state so you can get an idea of how the law impacts your situation. Should you decide to move forward with a case, you will also find information about locating an experienced attorney who can assist your family.

Frequent Types of Nursing Home Injuries

Any time a patient at a nursing home is injured is cause for concern. Below are some types of injuries encountered by elderly patients that form the basis of lawsuits. Approximately 10% of nursing home patients will develop a bed sore (pressure sore) during their admission.

Bedsores FAQs?

Bedsores are some of the most devastating types of complications faced by nursing home patients. The majority of these situations are preventable with proper care.

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Q: What causes a bedsore to develop? A. Bedsores are damaged skin caused by a lack of proper blood flow to the skin because of pressure....

Q. What are the stages of bedsores? A. A bedsore, also referred to as a pressure sore, pressure ulcer and decubitus ulcer, is a localized injury on skin...

Q. Can bedsores be fatal? A. In recent years, the Illinois court system has seen a significant increase in wrongful death lawsuits...

14 Million People Live in Nursing Homes
90% of Nursing Homes Are
1 in 3 Patients Are Abused
Nursing Home Negligence FAQs

Family members understandably have questions about their legal rights and options when faced with a situation where a loved one has been mistreated at a nursing home. In this section, you will find some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Q. What are the signs of poor care? A. Physical, mental and sexual abuse are forms of abuse encountered by nursing home residents across the country. Sadly, some of the most commonly abused nursing home residents include those who are physically or mentally disabled and have no way of fighting off a perpetrator...
Q. Do I need to contact an elder abuse attorney? A. In situations where there has been a specific incident involving a serious injury or abuse, the nursing home resident themselves or their family will seek out the advice of a nursing home attorney for representation...
Q. What is the statute of limitations for bringing a nursing home lawsuit? A. The answer depends on where the incident took place. The time to bring a lawsuit against the a nursing home is governed by the statute of limitations where the incident occurred...
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