Caregivers Charged With Abusing Elderly In New York Nursing Homes

The New York Attorney General is on a roll– prosecuting abusive nursing home workers.  Two certified nursing aide’s (CNA’s) represent Mr. Cuomo’s latest arrests.

Caregivers Charged With Abusing Elderly Monique Jones, 32 of Rochester, is accused of kicking and 88-year-old resident in his ribs at Kirkhaven Nursing Home.

Nellie Weller, 47 of Rochester, is accused of tying a 76-year-old resident’s nightgown around his neck and legs, leaving him unable to move or use his urinal while working at Edna Tina Wilson Living Center.

Both Jones and Weller were charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person and willful violations of the health laws of New York.  Both were also terminated from their positions at their respective facilities once the charges were revealed.Caregivers Charged With Abusing Elderly

“Thousands of New Yorkers and their families depend on nursing home aides and healthcare professionals to provide vital services to their loved ones.  For any of these caregivers to abuse the trust we place in them is reprehensible, and my office will continue to intervene on behalf of vulnerable New Yorkers to ensure safe and quality care,” said Cuomo regarding the recent arrests.

Hopefully Attorney General Cuomo’s recent arrests will send a message to nursing home workers to clean up their behavior.  Am I the only one who thinks that this pattern of abusive behavior is accepted in the nursing home culture?  I mean there should be any number of co-workers in the nursing home environment to help report–or better yet stop these situations from occurring?

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  1. i am concerned about patricia kobylak. says:

    that it is the time to treat these elderly and/ or disabled people with due consideration.lets look at it this way,if you are paying for nursing care,should it not be the best that new york has to offer?also,new york is a very large area,surely picking out nurses with the best to offer,cant be that difficult to find.i believe nursing to be career path of caring and nurture,not a means to an anycase,bad treatment against the patients,such as tying them up,cannot be looked upon as good conduct unless the patient was being abusive,even then,not in the way that it happened there is more on my mind,about a woman called patricia kobylak held in the shorewinds nursing home in rochester,it is said on the internet,that she is being held against her will and that there is no reason for her to be in this establishment at all.what is being done about it ?

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