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Families and patients who educate themselves with respect to the medical and legal aspects of bed sores are better equipped to deal with the complex issues encountered by all patients suffering from this wide spread medical condition.

In this sense, we have assembled a comprehensive compilation of resources to address some of the most commonly sought information regarding:

  • Information on the latest bed sore research
  • Definitions of frequently encountered medical terms
  • Information regarding the legal rights afforded to individuals and families
  • Organizations that provide support for bed sore patients
  • Database of medical professionals who concentrate in treating patients with bed sores

As new developments regarding bed sores in the medical and legal fields comes about in the future, we remain committed to updating our resources. Despite our best intention to provide an accurate assemblage of information, speak to your physician before making any changes to your treatment plan.

If you are seeking information on how juries have evaluated bed sore cases in terms of awarding economic damages to individuals and families, take a look at our bed sore case valuation page here.