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Nurse’s Assistant Punches & Runs

Nurse’s Assistant Punches & RunsA certified nurses assistant (CNA) is now behind bars following a brutal episode at Ashley Manor, a Colorado nursing home.  According to local police, 23-year-old Kalen Randolph stuck an Alzheimer’s patient multiple times before fleeing the facility altogether and leaving all the residents of the facility unattended.  The 74-year-old victim suffered injuries to his head, ear and hand.  Mr. Randolph is charged with eight counts of neglect and one count of second degree assault.  Read more about this incident of nursing home abuse here.

How do things like this happen in facilities today?  How can a facility allow one person to care for all the residents by themselves?  What would happen if this were a medical emergency or fire and the sole nursing home employee was responsible for the care and safety of all residents?  No one is asking me, but having a facility staffed by one person seems like trouble on so many fronts.

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