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Lawyer Resources for Wheelchair Accidents

Improper Wheelchair TransferWhen nursing care center staff members are worn thin due to limited resources and understaffing, it is very likely that they will make mistakes which have serious consequences. Regardless of their intentions, it is important that the people who are injured due to their negligence receive the compensation they deserve for things such as medical costs and the physical and emotional suffering the victim has endured. The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC occasionally witness the devastating toll that these mistakes have on families when the victim does not survive following an accident.

Inability of Staff to Supervise Patient Cited in Lawsuit

Carmello Rufo fell when attempting a transfer from her wheelchair on March 14 of 2016 and was pronounced dead on April 2 due to complications directly related to her injuries. Marilyn Rufo has since brought a lawsuit against the nursing home and management agency tasked with Carmello’s care and safety alleging that Carmello’s death was due to the failure of caregivers to provide appropriate and attentive care. In addition to claims that Rufo’s accident was due to negligent care, Marilyn Rufo has also alleged that facility staff refused to evaluate her condition after the fall.

Wheelchair Accident Can Be Legally SettledWe have all met or been in touch with an elderly relative or a disabled friend who needs a wheelchair to support him through life. Most people who have to resort to a sitting in a wheelchair for extended periods not only feel crippled but also need immense moral and emotional support from those around them.

With their morale and will power already on the edge, experiencing a wheelchair accident at the same time can really break their resolve. However, what exactly do we mean by a wheelchair accident? Say, for instance, if a wheelchair malfunctions in a way, which is out of the control of a user or those around him, any injury or casualties caused as a result are liable for compensation.

Just as an injury resulting from working at a hazardous workplace comes under a personal injury claim, a wheelchair accident because of a fault in the chair’s manufacturing can be bought to legal attention.

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