Tips For Preventing Nursing Home Abuse

How Do You Prevent Nursing Home AbuseWhen a family makes the difficult decision to place their loved one in the care of a nursing home, they hope the provided caregivers will be as loving and responsible as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many elders are abused in nursing homes due to their age and physical frailty. Often, this abuse is in the form of neglect. In order to make sure your family doesn’t fall prey to nursing home abuse, look for the 5 warning signs below.

Look For Bruises, Pressure Marks, And Broken Bones

In the unfortunate event that physical violence is being used against the elderly, there will often be a mark. One place to look is one the wrists and ankles to determine if unnecessary confinements are being used. Anytime your elderly family encounters a broken bone, make sure to fully understand what happened to ensure it was not abuse such as hitting or shoving that led to it.

Document Changes In Behavior

When your family member suddenly becomes sullen, or doesn’t participate in their favorite activities anymore, it could be a sign they are suffering from abuse. Keep an eye out for depression as well.

Keep An Eye On Finances

Another form of elder abuse is financially duping those who aren’t coherent enough to understand. Make sure to keep a tight lid on your family member’s finances to make sure they are not being exploited.

Watch For Bedsores And Weight Loss

If your family member is confined to their bed, one sign they are being neglected is the appearance of bedsores and poor hygiene. There are ways to prevent bedsores, and a well cared for person should not develop them. Additionally, weight loss in a person who is still eating can be a sign that their food is not being delivered to them on a regular basis.

Listen To Your Family Member

If you hear that your family member is being belittled or threatened, don’t write it off to old age. Instead, make a point of investigating their claim to make sure it is a fallacy and not a sign of elder abuse.

Growing old is hard enough on a family without dealing with the fall out of nursing home abuse. Make sure to use these warning signs to keep your family safe.

Determining When or If to Take Legal Action

If you feel like your family member has been mistreated or abused, you may be entitled to pursue legal action on their behalf.  A law firm that handles nursing home negligence cases can evaluate your case and explain your legal recourse in the applicable laws.

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