Hazing Type Abuse In Mississippi Nursing Home

Hazing Type Abuse In Mississippi Nursing HomeRecent national headlines regarding abusive nursing home workers appear almost surreal.  Abusive people caring for the most vulnerable seems commonplace.  Nonetheless, I was particularly disturbed to hear the report of nursing home abuse involving nurses at a Mississippi Nursing Home.  Clarionledger.com reports, two employees of Graceland Care Center have been arrested for crimes involving abuse of vulnerable adults.  According to the Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood, the arrests of the nurses were made following indictments by a Mississippi grand jury.

Cynthia Hunt, a 46-year-old LPN was charged with two felony counts of abuse of a vulnerable adult for an alleged incident where she poured aftershave on the genitals of a nursing home patient and administering medication that caused pain.  If convicted, Ms. Hunt faces up to 40 years in jail and $20,000 in fines.  The other LPN, Kathy Brooks, is accused of stealing a nursing home patients’ pain medication, hyrocodone.  If convicted Ms. Brooks, faces one to five years in jail.

How many other nursing home residents were victimized by these abusive nursing home employees before they were caught?

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