Information & Ratings on Springfield Villa (Violations)

There are a number of different things that can cause nursing homes to have a poor level of care. Many of the mistakes and oversights result from a lack of adequate staffing at a facility. Some nursing homes conserve on staff to keep their profit margins high. In any event, a lack of staff can directly impact your family when your loved one does not receive the necessary care and its causes harm. When a nursing home's error or mistreatment injured your family member, you may have a cause of action against the nursing home that can entitle your family to financial compensation.

Springfield Villa is a medium-sized facility with 146 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Springfield Villa provides short-stay and long-stay services to residents of Springfield, MO and the Southwest Missouri area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

1100 E Montclair St 
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 569-1114

Even when a deficiency in care seems minor, it most often does not escape the attention of regulators. Nursing homes must undergo annual inspections, and the federal examiners are trained to spot even small errors in care and report upon them. Residents and their families also have the ability to file a complaint if there is a deficiency in care that impacts them. In that event, both the state and federal governments have the ability to investigate the complaint. Then, they will release an inspection report and, if necessary, assess a fine or penalty against the nursing home.

Springfield Villa received a Notice of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri in July 2017. This violation was a Class II violation, which is the second highest level of violation out of four. There were two issues noted in the letter. The first was that the facility failed to provide catheter care for three residents as ordered by physicians. The second deficiency was that the staff did not bathe three residents at least twice a week as required by the facility's policies. 

This facility has received a one-star rating in the area of health inspections. This is the lowest possible rating that a facility can receive from Medicare. While the health inspections have not resulted in any fines assessed to the facility, there have been 20 different complaints that have assessed as a result of complaints that have been filed. There were two inspections that transpired as a result of complaints in 2018. Both of these complaints involved situations where the facility did not provide appropriate treatment and care according to orders, resident’s preferences and  goals. Although the facility only had two health citations in total on its most recent annual inspection, there continue to be complaint investigations that keep the facility's health inspection rating at one star.

The complaint investigation in October 2018 resulted in a finding that the facility did not have adequate staff on hand at all times. In general, the Springfield Villas does have less than the national average of nursing time for each resident. Here, the inspection found that the home did not routinely provide staffing on the locked unit which met the residents' needs. On many nights, all the facility had scheduled to work the unit was a nurse's aid as opposed to an RN or LPN. The unit that was not appropriately staffed had a high proportion of residents who had extensive care needs. As a result, some residents in the unit attempted to try to move and transfer themselves when they required assistance from staff to do so. There were numerous instances in the inspection report where residents were observed in situations where they were lacking for help in daily activities. The report also noted that there were residents who were not receiving baths as required. This is in addition to the Notice of Noncompliance from the state several months earlier, evidencing the fact that the facility did not fully fix the problems mentioned by the State of Missouri.

In addition to the 13 health citations included in the regular 2017 inspection report, there were also two complaint inspections in 2017. One of these inspections resulted in a citation for failure to provide appropriate pressure ulcer care for one resident. Not only did the nursing home fail to identify and assess two pressure ulcers, but it also failed to observe proper infection control techniques when treating these pressure ulcers. Staff failed to wash their hands between performing different tasks on the patient as is required. In addition, the nursing home was found to lack an effective infection control program. Staff did not change their gloves between resident contact. 

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