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PruittHealth - Moncks CornerNursing home neglect and abuse can be challenging to detect, especially in individuals with dementia that have symptoms that masks many of the known effects of mistreatment. In some cases, a family member will mistake the natural progression of a debilitating disease when abuse or neglect is actually occurring. There are specific steps that any family can take to protect their loved ones and ensure they are receiving the best care in a comfortable, safe environment. Our nursing home abuse network of attorneys have represented many families in the Berkeley County area to ensure justice is served when caregivers and other residents have caused injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.

If your loved one has been mistreated at Arbour Health Care Center, contact our South Carolina nursing home neglect lawyers.

PruittHealth - Moncks Corner

This Long-Term Care Home is a for-profit 132-certified bed Center providing care and services to residents of Moncks Corner and Berkeley County, South Carolina. The Facility is located at:

505 South Live Oak Drive
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843) 761-8368

In addition to providing around-the-clock skilled nursing care, PruittHealth - Moncks Corner also offers:

  • IV (intravenous) therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Wound care management
  • Hospice services
  • Pain management

Financial Penalties and Violations

The investigators and surveyors for Medicare and the state of South Carolina have the legal authority to impose monetary fines are denied payment for Medicare services any time a nursing home is cited for serious violations of regulations and rules. Within the last three years, the government has fined PruittHealth - Moncks Corner once on February 7, 2018, for $13,625. Additional documentation concerning fines and penalties can be found on the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Website involving PruittHealth - Moncks Corner.

Moncks Corner South Carolina Nursing Home Patients Safety Concerns

One star rating

The South Carolina nursing home regulatory agency and Medicare routinely updates their care home database system containing the complete list of all safety concerns, health violations, opened investigations, incident inquiries, dangerous hazards, and filed complaints. This information can be found on numerous websites including the South Carolina Department of Public Health and uses a valuable tool to decide where to place a loved one who requires the highest level of nursing care and hygiene assistance.

According to Medicare, the facility maintains an overall rating of one out of five stars, including two out of five stars concerning health inspections, one out of five stars for staffing issues and three out of five stars for quality measures. The Berkeley County neglect attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center have reviewed numerous deficiencies and safety concerns at PruittHealth - Moncks Corner that includes:

  • Failure to Immediately Notify a Resident, the Resident's Doctor or Family Member of a Change in the Resident's Condition Including a Decline in Their Health or Injury

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated May 25, 2018, the state agency surveyor noted the facility's failure to "provide notification to require parties for occurrences or changes in condition." The deficient practice by the nursing staff affected four residents "reviewed for notification."

    In three separate incidents, "the physician was not notified related to a fall, another resident's representative was not notified related for a fall, and a third resident's physician nor resident representative were notified related to low blood sugar levels." In a fourth incident, the physician nor the resident's representative was notified related to weight loss.

  • Failure to Ensure Every Resident Remains Free from the Use of Physical Restraints Unless Needed for Medical Treatment

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated May 25, 2018, a notation was made by a state investigator concerning the facility's failure to "identify medical symptoms for, and assess the use of, devices for [three residents] reviewed for restraints. The side rail assessment was incomplete for [one resident]. No restraint assessment was completed for the use of a concave mattress or tab alarm for [another resident]." A third resident had an incomplete side rail assessment and no restraint assessment for the use of a lap tray."

    The state investigator interviewed a Registered Nurse (RN) who "confirmed that there were physician's orders" for the restraints but "was unable to locate any restraint assessments." The Director of Nurses reviewed the resident's medical records and "verified the use of the alarm and mattress and confirmed the physician's orders." However, further review of records revealed: "an incomplete side rail assessment and no pain assessment could be located for the use of the lap tray." A review of a resident's initial/annual observation for a physical device form "did not include the medical symptoms which led to the consideration of the physical device (side rails) or other devices that had been attempted [before] use. The assessment included a fourth side rail to be used but did not include the classification of the device, if it met the definition of a restraint or the rationale for use."

    The Director of Nurses stated during an interview on May 23, 2018, that they were "unable to locate an assessment for the use of the lap tray." The Director "also verified that the side rail assessment was incomplete."

  • Failure to Timely Report Suspected Abuse, Neglect or Theft

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated May 25, 2018, a state agency investigator made a notation of the facility's failure to "properly identify and report potential abuse for [two residents] reviewed for abuse." In one incident, the "abuse was not identified and reported to the State Agency, and for [another resident] potential abuse was not reported to the State Agency within the required two-hour time frame."

    The state investigator reviewed the resident's records dated March 25, 2018, at 3:00 PM that stated that the resident wheeled themselves into the bedroom past their bed and wheeled themselves "over to the side of the roommate's bed." The resident "stated to the roommate, 'I am going to beat your ass.'" The resident's slapped her roommate and "slid down to the floor and said, 'I will kill you.'" The abusive resident "was removed from the room and away from [the other] resident who was] brought to the nurse's station for observation."

    The nurse practitioner was notified as was the responsible party and the resident was placed on the psych follow-up list and would be moved "to an alternate room." The investigator interviewed the facility Director of Nurses who "provided a copy of the report submitted to the State agency related to the incident and said "there was no two-hour report submitted."

  • Failure to Ensure that Services Were Provided by the Nursing Facility That Meets Professional Standards of Quality

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated May 25, 2018, the state investigator noted their concerns for the facility's failure to "provide care and services meeting professional standards of quality for medication administration." The deficient practice by the nursing staff involved two residents "reviewed for tube feeding." These cases involved two residents who "had tube feeding syringes stored together in plastic bags with medication in the barrel and tips of the syringes."

    The investigator interviewed the Staff Development Coordinator who confirmed that the resident's "syringe still had medication in it and the nurse could not be flushing appropriately." The Coordinator also verified that they had seen another resident's syringe and stated that "nurses are not flushing after medications appropriately." The coordinator stated, "you definitely do not know if for how much meds were given. I have recently done training on this." The coordinator stated that "the syringe should be cleared, rinsed, dried and stored separated for purposes of infection control."

  • Failure to Ensure Every Resident's Medication Regimen Is Free from Unnecessary Drugs

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated May 25, 2018, a state surveying agency noted concerns over the nursing home's failure to "administer medications as ordered." The deficient practice by the nursing staff involved one resident who was given the wrong dosage of medication while the surveyors were conducting a survey.

  • Failure to Develop, Implement and Enforce Policies and Procedures That Prevent or Control Infections from Spreading

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated May 25, 2018, the state investigator documented the facility's failure to "follow proper handwashing procedures." The deficient practice involved the observation of two pressure ulcer treatments on two different residents at the facility."

    The state investigator also noted the facility's failure "to store piston syringes in a sanitary manner" for residents receiving tube feeding. The investigator observed a pressure ulcer treatment for a resident where the nursing staff "took the soiled linen and trash containing the wound [dressing] with blood and body fluids from the pressure ulcer to the soiled utility room. After disposing of the items in the covered trash and linen containers, [the nursing staff member] exited the utility room and went to the key-locked bathroom across the hall to wash [their] hands." The investigator noted that the nurse said they "always wash [their] hands in the bathroom because it was easier. While revisiting the utility room, it was noted and witnessed by a Registered Nurse that staff [members] are unable to wash their hands in the room due to items being stored in the sink." These items included a nebulizer with a broken sign, two full Sharp's containers, a phone behind the faucets, and other items stored in and around the sink."

  • Failure to Assist Residents Who Require Assistance with Eating/Drinking, Grooming and Personal and Oral Hygiene

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated March 24, 2016, the state investigator documented the nursing home's failure to "ensure two residents reviewed for Activities of Daily Living receive the necessary care and services to maintain good grooming and personal hygiene." The deficient practice by the nursing staff involved one resident who "was not receiving showers according to [their preferences] and [another resident who] did not receive showers as scheduled."

    The state investigator interviewed the facility's Unit Manager/Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on March 22, 2016, who "verified the documentation provided by the Shower and Get Up List, CNA Book and Bath CNA Role Roster." The Unit Manager confirmed that the resident "was to receive a shower on Wednesdays and Saturdays and had only received one of six scheduled showers in March [2018]." The Unit Manager also "verified there was no documentation of [the resident's] refusals" to take showers.

  • Failure to Keep All Essential Equipment Working Safely

    In a summary statement of deficiencies dated March 24, 2016, the state investigator documented the nursing home's failure to "ensure resident care equipment was in a safe operating condition." The investigator noted the clothes dryer in the laundry department during the tour where "both clothes dryers [had] an excessive buildup of lint on the lint filters." The investigator interviewed a laundry worker on the morning of March 23, 2016, who said that the "lint traps are cleaned monthly by maintenance." During an interview with the facility Laundry Supervisor, the findings were confirmed, and the supervisor stated that "the lint baskets are cleaned up by maintenance two times monthly and had been cleaned not more than two weeks ago." The investigator reviewed the facility's policy titled: Loading Clothes Dryers that reads in part "clean the lint filter after/before each dryer load."

Were You Injured or Harmed While a Resident at PruittHealth - Moncks Corner?

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