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Promise Skilled Nursing Facility of Overland ParkMany families have limited options when providing care to a loved one who requires the highest level of health care and hygiene assistance. Unfortunately, many individuals become the victims of mistreatment while residing in nursing homes due to substandard care, a lack of supervision, or resident-to-resident assault.

If your loved one was harmed while living in a Johnson County nursing facility, contact out nursing home neglect attorneys in Kansas now for immediate legal intervention. Let our team of lawyers work on your case to ensure you receive financial compensation to recover your monetary damages. We can use the law on your behalf to seek justice and stop the abuse now.

Promise Skilled Nursing Facility of Overland Park

This long-term care facility is a 44-certified bed "for profit" home providing services and cares to residents of Overland Park and Johnson County, Kansas. The Medicare and Medicaid-participating center is located at:

6505 W 103rd Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
(913) 649-5110
Promise Skilled Nursing Facility of Overland Park

In addition to providing 24/7 skilled nursing care, Promise Skilled Nursing Facility of Overland Park offers other services. Additional focused care includes complex wound care, ventilator management, nutritional and dietary services, and rehabilitative care including physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Financial Penalties and Violations

Kansas and federal nursing home regulatory agencies have the legal authority to impose monetary fines and deny payment for Medicare services for any nursing facility cited for serious violations of regulations and rules. Additional documentation about fines and penalties can be found on the Kansas Long-Term Care State Survey Reports.

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Overland Park Kansas Nursing Home Safety Concerns

One Star Rating

The state of Kansas and the federal government regularly updates their long-term care home database system with complete details of all deficiencies, citations, and violations.

According to Medicare, this facility maintains an overall rating of one out of five stars, including three out of five stars concerning health inspections, one out of five stars for staffing issues and one out of five stars for quality measures.

  • Failure to Immediately Notify the Resident, the Resident’s Doctor or Family Members of a Change in the Resident’s Condition Including a Decline in Their Health or Injury – January 19, 2016
  • According to state surveyors, the facility “failed to notify the Physician and the resident’s legal representative” involving a non-injury fall. The incident involved a resident with short term and long-term memory impairment with or decision-making.

    A review of the resident’s 14-day MDS (Minimum Data Set) Assessment revealed that the resident “had one non-injury falls since admission.” Other documentation shows the resident “did not have any falls but requires extensive staff to assist with activities of daily living, received therapy, and had impaired standing balance.” The resident’s Care Plan identify the resident “at risk for falls due to [their medication use, and medical condition].”

    A nursing note dated October 25, 2015, revealed that the resident “was alert and oriented during periods of confusion, restlessness, and was trying to get out of bed.” At 2:40 AM on October 26, 2015, the staff “found the resident on the floor, completed a neurological assessment, [finding] no injuries. However, the staff noted a bruise on the upper left extremity. The clinical record lacked evidence the facility notified the Physician after the unwitnessed fall with an injury to the upper left extremity.”

    A nursing note dated November 4, 2015, at 1:30 AM revealed that the staff “found the resident sitting on the floor with no indication of injury and the staff notified the family of the fall. The clinical record lacked evidence the facility notified the Physician after the unwitnessed non-injury fall.”

    The survey team interviewed the resident’s Durable Power of Attorney who revealed that the staff “did not notify [them] of the resident’s falls on October 25, 2015, and October 28, 2015.” The investigators then interviewed another family member who revealed that they were “unaware of at least two falls and stated the facility only notify the family of changes about half of the time.”

    The survey team noted that the facility had failed to follow their policy titled: Assessing Falls and Their Causes from September 2014 that directs the staff to notify the resident’s Physician and family in an appropriate time frame.

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