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Learning that abuse and neglect are occurring in a nursing home leaves families feeling angered and disgusted when their loved one develops a life-threatening pressure ulcer. In many incidences, this type of neglect is the result of understaffed facilities where administration is more concerned about profits than providing quality care to patients. As a result, these families often hire a Kansas pressure ulcer attorney to file a complaint to proper authorities, stop the abuse and seek financial compensation.

Understanding Bed Sores:
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Nearly every type of pressure ulcer is preventable when the medical staff takes appropriate actions when a developing bedsore is first detected. However, due to a lack of oversight, minimal supervision and improper training, the failure of staff to monitor residents diligently and follow appropriate healthcare protocols, patients can develop an open wound.

What Is a Pressure Ulcer?

A pressure ulcer (decubitus ulcer; pressure sore; bedsore) will typically begin as a mild skin inflammation usually on a bony prominence like the heels, ankles, knees, hips, buttocks, tailbone, shoulders and the head. It develops when sustained pressure on the skin blocks the flow of blood restricting oxygen to skin and underlying tissue. Within just a couple of hours, the lack of oxygen can cause permanent damage to the skin area causing it to become inflamed. Relieving pressure every couple of hours or less by readjusting the body is usually all that is required to eliminate the potential of developing a sore.

However, when the nursing facility staff is inattentive or neglects to turn or readjust the patient’s body, a developing bedsore is likely to occur. Alternatively, well-managed nursing facilities implement strict routine schedules of body repositioning of all immobile patients bedridden or bound to wheelchairs to maintain their quality of health.

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Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Typically, any pressure ulcer acquired in a nursing home is a result of negligence, where the staff and facility can be held legally liable. However, by taking appropriate action and following proven protocol, the nursing staff can ensure that the patient remains healthy. The protocol will usually involve:

  • Perform a proper skin integrity assessment on every patient upon admittance of the facility and each day afterwards while a resident

  • Identify and document any noted developing bedsore alerting treating doctors to start healing procedures including debridement of the open wound

  • Ensure that the patient is receiving adequate hydration and nutrition through a healthy diet

  • Develop, implement and follow strict turning protocols to ensure that the pressure on the patient’s body is alleviated at least once every two hours

  • Provide the patient mattresses, pads, pillows and bedding designed specifically to minimize contact pressure

A Life-And-Death Situation When a Patient Develops an Advanced Wound

When a pressure ulcer is allowed to progress to advancing stages, it can create a life-and-death situation for the patient. Without proper treatment using proven healing protocols, the pressure sore can become extensive, exposing bone, fat, muscle and tissue in the wound. The exposed area is often highly susceptible to developing an infection of the bone (osteomyelitis) and/or the blood (sepsis), which can quickly lead to the patient’s death.

Taking Legal Steps for a Kansas Bed Sore Case

Our Kansas nursing home negligence attorneys assist families in stopping the negligence by medical staff in nursing facilities. Each attorney listed here will report the mistreatment, abuse and neglect to the appropriate federal and state agencies. These law firms have immediate access to medical teams that specialize in treating life-threatening pressure ulcers to treat your loved one in their bed at the nursing facility. These legal professionals provide their services in cities all throughout Kansas including:

  • Wichita
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  • Kansas City
  • Topeka
  • Olathe

Complete and submit the form here to make contact with the reputable nursing home abuse attorneys listed below. These law firms handle these cases on contingency meaning the family is advanced the cost of stopping the negligence and seeking financial recompense. Completing the form here is a first step in scheduling a no obligation free consultation to help your loved one receive the best medical care to heal their wound and obtain the compensation they deserve.

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