Information & Ratings (Violations) On Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center

Receiving quality nursing care is not just a right that your family has as a paying customer of these facilities, it is also a legal right since the nursing home has day-to-day responsibility for your loved one's care. When they fail at this task, there are ramifications for your loved one's health and well-being. Your family member deserves dignified and proper care as their health begins to fail. If your loved one does not receive this care, you have the ability to take legal action against the nursing home that is not upholding its duty that it owes to your family member. When you have a lawyer on your side, it makes it easier for you to both take action to improve your loved one's care and receive a settlement if they have been mistreated or received deficient care.

The Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center is a 158 certified bed facility that provides services to residents of Florissant, MO and the Greater Saint Louis area. It is both Medicare and Medicaid certified. It has a for profit owner and is located at:

250 S New Florissant Rd 
Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 838-2211

Both the federal government and the State of Missouri have the power to fine and penalize nursing homes located in the state. The federal government may levy fines after issuing citations for matters discovered during the course of an inspection. The federal government may also deny Medicare payments to the facility if they have not corrected the issues that led to the citation with three months after they have been noted. The state may also initiate investigations of the nursing home if either a complaint has been filed with the state or the nursing home has self-reported an issue.

The Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center has been disciplined by both the federal government and the State of Missouri. The federal government fined it $24,050 in August 2017 after an inspection report yielded a staggering 20 health citations. In addition, the fine also was accompanied by a payment denial from Medicare. In addition, Missouri has issued nine citations as a result of investigations prompted by complaints filed against the facility. 

In one instance, the State of Missouri cited the nursing home for failure to provide CPR and contact 911 when a patient was found unresponsive. When the nurse found the patient, they simply reported it to another nurse as opposed to taking the immediate necessary action themselves. According to the letter sent by the state, nobody on the staff called 911 to get help for the resident. 

Another citation issued by the state was in response to a complaint where a resident reported that the staff was disparaging one patient in front of the other patients. In addition, residents were left exposed during treatment and were not allowed out of their beds when the facility ran out of incontinence supplies. This was a grave breach of the dignity and respect to which nursing home residents are entitled. 

The federal inspection report that resulted in the fine found numerous citations in the area of health inspections. One egregious example was that the facility failed to conduct an appropriate investigation of an abuse allegation. The resident had alleged that a CNA had jumped on the resident and slapped them after they had a bowel movement on themselves. The incident was reported to the Director of Nursing who did not know if the allegation was reported to the Department of Health and Senior Services. There was no evidence of a proper investigation of the allegation being conducted.

In another incident, a particular resident reported that their roommate was left in their clothes and never properly prepared for bed one evening. In addition, the resident was not given a gown because the nurse claimed that the facility had run out of gowns when, in fact, there were plenty available. The inspection report concluded that the incidents likely occurred, yet the CNA was not suspended by the facility at the time that the allegations were made. Another allegation was that staff was rough with a patient when putting them in bed as retaliation for the night before, when the patient complained how the staff was transferring them to their bed. 

The April 2018 inspection report has not yielded many improvements. The Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center was given 13 health citations, although it was not fined after this particular inspection. The facility maintains a one-star rating from Medicare, which is the lowest possible rating that a nursing home can receive. 

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You do not have to stand idly by if your loved one has received similar treatment at this particular facility or any other nursing home. Instead, elder abuse is against the law and you can use the law to your benefit to protect your loved one and be compensated for harm that they may have suffered. Let the attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center work for you. Call them today at (800) 726-9565 and bring to bear their many years of experience in holding Missouri nursing homes accountable for incidents such as these. 


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