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Too Much To Pay For Sub-Standard Nursing Home CareGet your barf-bag ready! A recent report by MetLife has concluded that private nursing homes in the United States now average more than $83,000 per year.  At a time when many seniors have watched their nest egg dwindle, skilled nursing care rates increased 4.6% from 2009 to 2010.

Though nursing home rates vary from region to region, nursing home operators in Alaska must be catering to a wealthy crowd as the daily nursing home rates top the charts at $687 for a private room and $610 for a semi-private (shared) room.

The hightened costs also accompany assisted living care where monthly rates inceased 5.2% from the year prior to $3,293.

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Six states will be receiving federal grants from the Health Care Reform Act to perform thorough background checks on employees at nursing homes and other facilities that house vulnerable people.

While some states already employ background checks of new employees, the new funding is intended to be more exhaustive that the measures currently in place.  Employees must pass a check of state and federal criminal records, abuse and neglect registries and multiple databases including the Nurse Aide Registry.

Health Care Reform Act The $160 million dollar program will provide funding to the following states:

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