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Nursing Home Fails To Intervene In Case Involving Dementia Patient With A Known Suicidal Propensity

iStock_000009212824XSmallNursing homes have an obligation to protect their patients from known dangers— particularly those which may be self-inflicted.

In the case of nursing home patients with dementia or psychological disorders, nursing homes must acknowledge the fact that many of these people are incapable of appreciating many of the environmental dangers inherent with institutional care or comprehend warnings from staff.

An unfortunate of episode of a nursing home failing to intervene in the case of a patient with known self-destructive tendencies, has come to light with involving a Pennsylvania nursing home patient who recently commit suicide.

According to news reports, the 89-year-old woman entered Presbyterian SeniorCare in Oakmont, PA in July and committed suicide on September 24th when she jumped from a third-floor window at the facility.

State inspection reports revealed that the facility became aware of the woman’s suicidal intentions when she apparently told the nursing home staff that she intended to jump out the window months before the actual act.

Due to the fact that this SeniorCare facility failed to take any interventional action, such as notifying the woman’s physician, the state put the facility on a six-month provisional license.

About Presbyterian SeniorCare

According to Presbyterian SeniorCare’s (PSC) website, the company operates as a non-profit regional network of living and care options for older adults and/or persons with disabilities located throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. PSC offers services related to:

  • Nursing Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assisted Living
  • Supportive Housing
  • Home- & Community-Based Services
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Retirement Communities

For laws related to Pennsylvania nursing homes, look here.

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