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Stamford Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorneys

Stamford CT Nursing Home Ratings GraphEquipping you with all of the information and tools that you need to ease the challenge of making the difficult decision of who to trust with the long term care of your loved one is important to the Stamford nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC. We are alarmed at the rise in the frequency of nursing negligence and would like to help prevent future cases just as much as we wish to hold companies accountable for the abuse that takes place under their watch. It is our hope that you will be able to avoid placing your loved one in the wrong environment and quicker to detect instances of abuse due to the list of poor facilities we’ve provided below.

Medicare routinely releases information on all nursing facilities in Stamford, Connecticut based on data from investigations, inspections and surveys. Investigator’s recently identified severe deficiencies and violations. According to the database maintained by the federal agency, seventeen (23%) of these seventy-three Stamford nursing facilities provide their residents substandard care. If your loved one was mistreated, abused, injured, harmed or died unexpectedly from neglect while living in a nursing home in Stamford, our attorneys can protect your rights. Contact the Stamford nursing home abuse & neglect lawyers at Nursing Home Law Center (800-926-7565) today to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss filing a claim for compensation to recover your damages.

Stamford Senior Demographics

Stamford’s proximity to New York places it within New York’s greater metropolitan area and it is a benefactor of the Big Apple’s strong financial district. Of the cities surrounding New York, Stamford is home to more large corporations than all others and houses multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies as well as the financial divisions of many more. This has provided the city with a strong and stable economy and is why the city has sprouted in size from 122,000 to over 128,000 over the last six years.

The senior population of Stamford is considerable; representing 13.1% of the total population with many Baby Boomers preparing to join their ranks. The Stamford Senior Center seeks to provide ample opportunity to the aging population to remain active and social with programs that include regular games, fitness programs, education, trips and assistive programs that will allow some residents to delay the need for ongoing nursing care by helping them lead independent lives.

For more information, you can visit or call (203) 977-5151.

Stamford Nursing Homes

All of the information that our Stamford nursing injury lawyers used to create the following list of substandard nursing centers is readily available on the Medicare website by using the nursing home compare tool. There are many facilities serving your area, so we have only covered the worst homes so that you know what kinds of issues you should be aware of and which centers to avoid at all costs. If you would like to see how other homes in your area rate, you can use the same tool by visiting Medicare’s site at

Overall Rating of 73 Nursing Homes

    Rating: 5 out of 5 (31) Much above average
    Rating: 4 out of 5 (17) Above average
    Rating: 3 out of 5 (8) Average
    Rating: 2 out of 5 (16) Below average
    Rating: 1 out of 5 (8) Much below average
August 2018

St. Camillus Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
494 Elm Street
Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 325-0200
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 2 stars out of 5

2 stars rating

Primary concerns: Understaffing and a concerning health inspection history are clear red flags for this facility. Staff quality is a common concern in the industry in general because of the tendency for profit companies have for laying off skilled workers in order to keep overhead low. The result is almost always diminished quality of care.

Long Ridge Post-Acute Care

710 Long Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 329-4026
Ownership— Non-profit
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 2 stars out of 5

2 stars rating

Primary concerns: Numerous health and safety concerns have degraded this nursing center’s score. Its staff and quality measures ratings are impeccable, but the infractions cited over its recent history are weighted greatly against the overall score, suggesting that the offenses are systemic and severe. Common health and safety concerns can include poor hygiene measures, unclean environments, the presence of obstacles in common walking areas, poor food preparation methods and inadequate disease prevention measures.

Cassena Care at Norwalk
23 Prospect Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
(203) 853-0010
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5

1 star rating

Primary concerns: Mediocre staffing and quality measures may contribute to this center’s unacceptable health and safety history. While health inspection concerns seem to be a theme for our list, it is important to note that staff quality and poor quality control can be factors in whether a facility is cited for these offenses.

Fairview Healthcare Center of Greenwich
1188 King Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
(203) 531-8300
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5

1 star rating

Primary concerns: Understaffing and health and safety concerns abound at this facility, which received a mere one star for its health inspection history. Its health and safety deficiencies are of enough severity to merit taking this center off of your list for consideration.

Fairview Healthcare Center of Fairfield
930 Mill Hill Terrace
Southport, CT 06890
(203) 259-7894
Ownership— For profit partnership
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5

1 star rating

Primary concerns: This facility scores even worse than its sister facility, with one star scores for its health inspection history and quality control measures. Whenever this is the case, you have to ask where the priorities for a facility truly rest.

Laurel Ridge Health Care Center
642 Danbury Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 438-8226
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5

1 star rating

Primary concerns: There are few things that this center has gotten right, which is a red flag in and of itself. Its health inspection history and quality measures scores are both a single star and its staff rating is mediocre at best.

As you may be well aware, there are many nursing homes serving your area, including those located in New York which have not been mentioned in our list. Our Stamford nursing injury lawyers have condensed this list to include only the closest and lowest rated homes, and advise comparing any home you are considering for your loved one using the Medicare nursing home compare tool just to be safe.

Common Symptoms of Abuse or Neglect

Detecting the signs of nursing abuse can be difficult because they often mimic neurological or psychological disorders that elderly patients are at a high risk of experiencing. It is important to note, however, that your loved one is not likely to experience any sudden or drastic changes in personality, temperament or health without reason. If you notice any of the following, we can help you get to the root of the problem by investigating the matter.

  • Your loved one experiences paranoia, mood swings, emotional outbursts, anger or depression.
  • Your loved one loses weight without reasonable explanation or shows signs of dehydration such as darkened urine, fatigue, dizziness and weakness.
  • Your loved one develops bedsores or existing sores worsen as though they’ve received no attention or notice.
  • Your loved one is hospitalized due to medication errors.
  • Your loved one develops an infection or catches a serious communicable disease.
  • Your loved one is injured in a trip or fall accident.
  • Your loved one displays signs of physical, sexual or verbal abuse. These symptoms include bruises and other physical marks, silence in the presence of caregivers, paranoia, sudden changes in temperament and angry outbursts.

Nursing Home Law Center LLC is a leading personal injury network of attorneys that serves the needs of nursing abuse victims across the entire nation. We employ a team of attorneys with specialized experience and knowledge of nursing law so that you can be assured your lawyer has handled cases similar to your own with success and has the ability to maximize the chance that you will recoup compensation.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning Stamford nursing abuse and neglect attorneys so that we can discuss your rights and legal options while collecting vital information from you that can be used to launch a deeper investigation. Once we have all of the evidence we need, we will let you know how we would suggest proceeding with your claim. Since we work on a contingency fee agreement with all of our clients, you will never need to worry about whether you can afford attorneys’ fees. Our services are free if we fail to collect on your behalf.

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