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Savannah GA Nursing Home Ratings GraphFrequently, a Georgia resident being abused or neglected chooses to remain quiet in fear, knowing that speaking out might cause additional harm.

Other times, families are unaware of what measures can be taken to stop unacceptable behavior by home staff members, administrators, supervisors, managers, and other nursing home residents.

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If your elderly loved one was mistreated, abused, injured, harmed, or died from neglect while residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility in Savannah, the affiliate Georgia personal injury attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC can protect your family's rights and ensure the party at fault is held liable.

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Savannah, GA Residents' Demographics

About 15,000 of the more than 140,000 residents living within the Savannah, Georgia, city limits are retirees. This number is even higher when adding all the senior citizens residing within Chatham County communities in Georgia, including:

  • Richmond Hill
  • Wilmington Island
  • Tybee Island, Thunderbolt
  • Isle of Hope
  • Montgomery
  • Pooler, Bloomingdale
  • Port Wentworth
  • Garden City

The significant rise in the aging population has placed a burden on already crowded nursing homes, and residents assisted living facilities throughout Georgia. Also, only a limited number of trained medical professionals are available to meet the demand for open job offers at nursing caregiving facilities.

Due to the lack of staffing of properly trained registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aides, the employed medical home staff members are tired from working long hours. As a result, the number of cases involving elder abuse or nursing home neglect has risen substantially in recent years.

Savannah Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Safety Concerns of Savannah Nursing Home Residents

A Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer from Nursing Home Law Center, LLC, provides legal representation and advocacy for every nursing home resident.

Our team of dedicated affiliate Chatham County nursing home abuse lawyers in Georgia regularly reviews publicly available nursing home records involving opened investigations, filed complaints, safety hazards, and unacceptable conditions.

We post this information as legal help to every family facing the undesirable decision to place a loved one in a skilled nursing home that provides the highest quality of services for their well-being.

Medicare releases information to the public every month on all caregiving homes in Savannah, based on the data gathered through inspections, investigations, and surveys.

Currently, the national database reveals that surveyors found severe violations and deficiencies at forty-one (38%) of the 109 Savannah caregiving nursing homes that provide their residents with substandard care.

Savannah Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm How Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Occurs in Facilities

Statistics show that most incidences involving Georgia nursing home abuse and mistreatment against the resident typically happen where the elderly individual resides.

Any resident could face the prospect of being abused, mistreated, or neglected while living in their Savannah nursing home. The first priority loved ones should have is to ensure their safety.

Unfortunately, many family members and friends are unaware that abuse and neglect occur until long after the resident has suffered significant harm, injuries, or death.

Facilities often fail in their responsibility regarding the following:

  • Doing background checks on potential employees
  • Hiring the right staff for the job who knows how to work with seniors and the disabled
  • Employing enough staff members to do the job adequately
  • Training or correctly educating the nursing home staff
  • Conducting regular inspections of the facility
  • Supervising and training the staff appropriately so that they understand how to do their job correctly
Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Identifying the signs of mistreatment from the at-fault party as soon as possible can prevent additional harm. There are many forms of abuse but the most common types of nursing home abuse and neglect harming a resident such as:

  • Physical abuse
  • Considered any non-accidental physical injury when force is used against a senior citizen or bodily harm that results in pain, impairment, or death. Elder abuse in nursing homes is not always apparent to others.

  • Verbal assault
  • Humiliation, threats, ridicule, intimidation, yelling, scapegoating, or habitual blaming.

  • Emotional abuse or emotional trauma
  • An assault against the elderly individual's emotions or psyche that causes any level of emotional pain or distress. Emotional abuse is hard to detect.

  • Falling neglect and abuse
  • An older adult suffering a brain injury, knee injuries, broken bones, or other unexplained fall injuries caused by unwitnessed falls

  • Exposure to contagious diseases and viruses
  • Occurs when a facility is overcrowded or unsanitary, and hygiene conditions are not upheld

  • Egregious neglect
  • Occurs when home residents suffer serious injuries caused by caregivers or doctors (medical malpractice)

  • Social isolation
  • Nursing home staff members deny residents access to senior services, support groups, and senior companions.

  • Medication dispensing mistakes
  • Staff members dispense the resident with the wrong drug, dosage, or another patient's dangerous drugs.

  • Psychological abuse
  • A nursing staff member or other senior resident terrorizes or menaces the elderly individual or causes them to become isolated from friends or activities.

  • Sexual abuse
  • Any non-consensual sexual contact does not need to include an actual physical touch or action. Another type of sexual abuse might be forcing the elderly to watch pornographic material or sexual acts being conducted by others. Sexual abuse is not always evident to others.

  • HIPAA violation
  • Referring to staff members exposing home residents' medical records and personal information in violation of federal laws and privacy policy procedures regulated by federal regulations.

  • Negligence
  • Refers to any failure of the staff in charge of providing care in fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities through unintentional or intentional action that denies the senior any necessary assistance, medical care, or treatments.

  • Financial exploitation or financial abuse
  • The unauthorized use of funds or property belonging to the resident or mismanagement of their funds or other assets by those in charge. The signs of abuse involving theft are not always apparent to others.

  • Wrongful death
  • Occurs when the staff fails to provide proper medical care and assistance that causes a change in the patient's medical condition.

  • Third-Party Abuse

Refers to when a nursing home fails to protect its residents from third-party threats or dangers within the facility, such as when a resident is injured by a guest, intruder, or another resident.

Savannah Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer What To Do When Suspecting Nursing Home Neglect Or Abuse?

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, neglect, exploitation, financial abuse, or sexual assault, it is crucial to take immediate legal action to remedy the situation.

Taking quick action if the nursing home facility fails might protect your loved one from further physical abuse, injury, or death. It is crucial to tell the doctor, administrator, nursing staff, and law enforcement in charge exactly what you suspected, witnessed, or observed.

Many families will hire a personal injury attorney specializing in nursing home abuse cases to serve as their legal advocate to handle all types of nursing home abuse and file a claim for punitive damages.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can take appropriate actions to notify law enforcement and other authorities and investigate a claim for financial compensation.

Legal advice from your personal injury lawyer can advance your monetary compensation case or wrongful death lawsuit.

Savannah Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Breach of Residents’ Rights

The rights of the residents of nursing homes, according to the Georgia Code Section 31-8-108, need to be maintained by staff and include the following:

  • Non-discrimination according to age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, religion, or payment source.
  • Privacy that does not endanger the resident's life or hamper their medical needs.
  • Freedom of choice to vote, practice religion, abstain from religious observations, participate in any nursing home activities or decide who manages finances.
  • Provision of ethical care, adequate treatment, and proper services while residing in the care facility
  • Proper nutrition adequate to resident’s needs and abilities to absorb - three meals per day with no more than a five-hour lapse between meals
  • Freedom from having physical or chemical restraints unless it is of medical necessity and described in writing by a treating physician
  • Access to relevant information regarding rates, administrators, statements of charges, and facility policies.

Should the care facility fail in its duty to protect residents' rights, it can be found liable for punitive damages.

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