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Owensboro KY Nursing Home Ratings GraphIn response to the continued rise in cases of nursing home abuse over the last decade, the Owensboro nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC have taken a proactive approach to the prevention of future abuse. You will find information below about the lowest rated facilities in your area so that you can be sure to avoid placing your loved ones under their care and consider the types of issues and concerns to look for when suspecting that your loved one is being mistreated. Should you believe that he or she is a victim of negligent or abusive care, we can help you hold the offending home accountable and more your loved one into a healthier environment.

Medicare regularly collects information on every nursing facility in Owensboro, Kentucky based on data gathered through inspections, surveys and investigations. Currently, the national database shows that inspectors identified serious violations and deficiencies at three (30%) of the ten Owensboro nursing facilities that led to severe harm. If your loved one was injured, abused, mistreated or died unexpectedly from neglect while living in a nursing facility in Kentucky, your family has legal rights. We encourage you to contact the Owensboro nursing home abuse & neglect lawyers at Nursing Home Law Center (800-926-7565) today to schedule a free, no obligation case evaluation to discuss a financial compensation lawsuit.

Owensboro Senior Demographics

The city of Owensboro is the fourth largest in the State of Kentucky with a population close to 60,000. Seniors represent over 16% of the total population, which is above the average for both Kentucky and the United States. This means that there is a demand for senior services and programs tailored to the aging, which is only due to grow now that an entire generation is preparing to retire. Whether looking to remain active and healthy or in need of support and nutrition programs, seniors are able to turn to the Munday Activity Center for their needs.

The center is run by the Daviess Counter Senior Services department and focuses on recreational activities, health and nutrition programs, referral services, prescription assistance and helping seniors with Medicare D comparisons. Those who do not have access to transportation can benefit from delivered meals and visits from volunteers as well as a transportation program that provides rides for as little as $1.50.

Owensboro Nursing Homes Safety Violations & Citations

The information our Owensboro nursing injury lawyers have provided below comes from the Medicare nursing home compare tool found at https://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare/search.html. We’ve focused only on the worst rated facilities, so we would like to encourage you to use the same tool when researching potential care facilities for your loved ones. It is our hope that this information will also raise your awareness to the most common nursing concerns so that you can more quickly determine whether your loved one is being mistreated.

Overall Rating of 10 Nursing Homes
    Rating: 5 out of 5 (1) Much above average
    Rating: 4 out of 5 (4) Above average
    Rating: 3 out of 5 (2) Average
    Rating: 2 out of 5 (2) Below average
    Rating: 1 out of 5 (1) Much below average
August 2018

Owensboro Center

1205 Leitchfield Road
Owensboro, KY 42303
(270) 684-0464
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5
1 star rating

Primary concerns: A one star staff quality rating coupled with a one star quality measures rating suggests that this facility’s administration and owners have little regard for the people they are serving. It is common for homes run by for profit companies and chains to reduce staff levels to unacceptable levels in order to keep costs low. A depleted staff is unable to take care of every resident, so they are forced to prioritize patients based on need. Unfortunately, this means that the needs of some patients are ignored until they develop serious conditions.

Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center

1614 Parrish Avenue West
Owensboro, KY 42301
(270) 684-4559
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5
1 star rating

Primary concerns: This nursing home has a purely unacceptable health inspection record rating of one star, meaning that residents are exposed to numerous environmental hazards, low hygienic standards and the spread of disease. Over the past three years, this has resulted in fines and penalties exceeding $90,000. It has also resulted in the denial of government payments over the last year.

Twin Rivers Nursing and Rehab Center

2420 West Third Street
Owensboro, KY 42301
(270) 685-3141
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5
1 star rating

Primary concerns: The $351,000 in fines this facility has needed to pay in just the last two years should speak volumes to the dysfunction and poor quality of care that patients are exposed to. The root cause of these problems seems to stem from severe understaffing, a lack of regard for quality measures and a health inspection history riddled with safety violations.

Miller’s Merry Manor

815 West Washington Street
Rockport, IN 47635
(812) 649-2276
Ownership— County government
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 2 stars out of 5
2 star rating

Primary concerns: A stay at this merry manor is sure to be anything but. A one star health inspection history gives reason for pause, despite the five star quality measures rating and mediocre staff. There are far better options available when choosing who to trust with your loved ones’ care.

Riverside Care & Rehabilitation Center

190 East Highway 136
Calhoun, KY 42327
(270) 273-3783
Ownership— For profit corporation
Participates in Medicare/Medicaid: Yes
Overall Rating— 1 star out of 5
1 star rating

Primary concerns: Poor staffing standards plague this facility as well, which is likely linked to the one star health inspection history it has received from Medicare. While the facility has not received any fines over the last year from federal regulators, it is possible that local or state governments may have levied penalties against it for its numerous safety violations.

How to Respond to Nursing Home Abuse at an Owensboro Facility

Our Owensboro nursing injury lawyers frequently encounter nursing facilities that attempt to hide instances of neglect or abuse or to justify it by claiming the victim is suffering from dementia or a neurological condition. We recommend taking what staff members have to say with a grain of salt and conducting your own investigation if things don’t seem right. While the symptoms are very similar to some known disorders, their onset should not be sudden or rapid.

Other indicators of abuse or neglect are not mental or emotional and can exhibit themselves through physical symptoms. If you have any reason to suspect abuse, we advise erring on the side of caution and seeking legal advice. The telltale signs we look for include the following.

  • Physical signs of assault or restraint such as bruises or marks on the wrists or ankles, on the genitals or other suspect areas. These indicate a serious concern that requires immediate action.
  • Sudden mood swings, emotional outbursts, accusations of abuse, silence around caregivers or the onset of sudden depression.
  • The presence of bedsores or the worsening of existing sores. When considering the simplicity of bedsore prevention and treatment, the worsening of these injuries is a certain indication that staff members have not been attending to your loved one’s needs.
  • An unclean living environment. This could explain the development of an infection or the spread of disease and explain other complications. Caregivers need to make sure that the hygienic needs of patients are met and they have fresh bedding and access to a bath or shower every day.
Stop Hoping Things Will Change. Begin the Legal Process Now With Owensboro Nursing Home Lawyers

Nursing Home Law Center LLC has helped thousands of families achieve the justice they sought after learning of the abuse their loved ones needed to endure at the hands of negligent caregivers. If you believe that your loved one is being mistreated, we can help you determine the best course of action to protect your loved one and hold the offenders accountable.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning Owensboro nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys so that we can gather the information we need to perform a thorough investigation into the matter. We will let you know more about your legal options and how we would suggest moving forward with your case. Since we work only on a contingency basis, we guarantee that our services will cost you nothing if we are unable to secure damages on your behalf.

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