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Nusing Home Supervisor Admits To Abusing 100 Residents

Nusing Home Supervisor Abused 100 ResidentsJohn Riems, a former nursing home supervisor at Conrad Care and Rehabilitation Center in Ohio. During questioning by prosecutors, Reims admitted to abusing nearly 100 patients during his 22-year career at nursing homes.  Reims is under investigation from an original charges involving the allegations of abuse involving a 55-year-old blind man and a partially paralyzed man in his 80’s.  Fourteen more felony counts have been filed against Mr. Reims since the investigation began– 12 counts of rape and two counts of felonious sexual penetration.  Read more about this Ohio nursing home story here.

I certainly believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but with this type of evidence against him, it certainly looks like Mr. Riems at the very least neglecting his nursing responsibilities and at worst perpetrating disgusting crimes against innocent elderly.  In Illinois, nursing home’s must screen all employees to prevent any person with a criminal record from interacting with the nursing home residents.

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