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Our elderly population deserves respect and dignity. Sadly, many of them are abused in an environment where they should expect the most protection and comfort: nursing homes. Time and again, we see victims of California nursing home abuse because of the actions of facility staff or other residents.

They are physically, mentally, sexually, and even financially abused in some circumstances.

To help you understand the problems that they are facing in these kinds of institutions, review the following case summaries involving alleged abusive care at California nursing facilities and call our offices if you have any questions.

Medical Errors in Nursing HomesNursing home residents are some of the sickest, oldest, and clumsiest members of society. Thus, it makes sense that they would get into accidents and that is just a part of life. What should not be a part of life is their caretakers messing up their medical needs.

Yet, in New Mexico and other places around America, that is increasingly what is happening as more people move into care facilities and these residents live to older ages than previously seen.

Here are some summaries of New Mexico verdicts and New Mexico settlements that detail medical errors:

Inadequate Care in New Mexico Nursing FacilitiesAs more people decide that they need to enter a nursing home, facilities are pushed to capacity and exhaustion (of both personnel and resources). While it shouldn’t be the case in the best circumstances, it normally is the case in reality that we see a falloff in care.

Medications get missed. Treatments are forgotten. Residents are neglected.

However, the added pressure homes have is no excuse for inadequately caring for nursing residents because it’s exactly why they were admitted in the first place.

Falls in Nursing Homes in New MexicoThough ubiquitous throughout New Mexico nursing homes, falls are still a serious problem that often needs to be addressed in a court of law or private negotiation room. They’re so common because residents can fall from virtually any spot in the facility: bed, chair, toilet, and many other spots.

As frequent as falls are, they are just as expensive. Residents commonly rack up thousands in doctors’ bills, prescription costs, and rehabilitation treatments.

Therefore, it’s important to know more about this problem and here are some New Mexico verdicts and settlements that address falls in facilities.

Bed sore cases in New MexicoBed sores are one of the most common and deadly problems literally running through New Mexico nursing homes. They are frequently referred to as decubitus ulcers or pressure sores as well.

While they start off as small and innocuous blisters or dry spots, they can quickly turn into a ravaging and fatal condition. Normally arising from extended pressure or friction, they are hard to keep away from residents that cannot move around and are confined to a bed or wheelchair.

Here are some New Mexico nursing home lawsuit summaries that focus on bed sores.

Falls in Maryland Nursing HomesOver and over again, nursing home residents fall down and are seriously injured. They fall off beds; they fall off wheelchairs; they fall off toilets; they fall off countless other surfaces.

And it’s costly: medical bills; broken bones; disability; long-term pain. To counter the effects of fall accidents, facilities normally conjure up some program of policies and procedures to prevent them from occurring but as you can imagine they don’t always work.

Here are some Maryland nursing home lawsuits that focus on falls:

Bed Sores in Maryland Nursing HomesThey might seem common and a mere trifle but if they take hold bed sores can become a serious and even deadly problem. Maryland nursing home residents contract bed sores at an alarming rate (they are also referred to as decubitus ulcers or pressure sores).

Generally, residents develop them through sustained periods of sitting or laying down because the pressure impacts and breaks the skin. Then, if left untreated, they can affect muscles, bones as well as other body parts close by and even your entire life if the area becomes infected.

To help you understand the topic of bed sores in greater detail, we have assembled some Maryland nursing home lawsuit summaries below:

Nursing Home Abuse in MarylandAlmost more than any other setting, abuse in nursing homes offends society’s sense of order and decency. Residents are often old, sick, or otherwise vulnerable. They come to the shelter of these institutions to receive the care and protection that they need and deserve.

Unfortunately, many are abused physically, mentally, or in a totally different manner. To help you understand this issue and the threat that nursing home residents face everyday, we have summarized some Maryland nursing home lawsuits involving abuse below for your review.

However, you should contact us if you or a loved one has been the victim of such an incident.

Falls in Virginia HomesLike in many other states, residents of Virginia nursing homes fall down and injure themselves at an alarming rate. What might be even more shocking other than their frequency is their seriousness.

Normally, these are not simple accidents but complicated incidents that involve serious injuries, significant bills, and changed lives. Why do they happen?

Well, for all the normal reasons but also because nursing home residents are vulnerable.

Bed Sore Cases in VirginiaLots of residents deal with bed sores for much of the same reason that they enter a nursing home in the first place. They have difficulty moving around or taking care of themselves and these issues present the possibility that they can develop bed sores (also called decubitus ulcers or pressure sores).

Most of the time, they arise when too much force is put on area of the body over too long a time or when friction rips open the skin. Generally, they spread and worsen when nursing home employees don’t regularly check for them or employ standard practices.

In the next few pages, we have summarized some Virginia nursing home lawsuits that include bed sore injuries. We do this to show you the problem and the solution. Courts can offer you or your loved one an opportunity to recover if you have been injured in a nursing home.

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