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Life Care Centers Nursing Homes

Life Care Centers of America (LCCA) are based out of Cleveland, TN and operate over 200 nursing homes and assisted care facilities across the U.S. They opened their first facility back in 1970 and have grown into one of the largest chains of nursing homes in the U.S.


LCCA owns and operates 200 facilities in 28 states. The majority of the western states have LCCA centers, including Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California and all the way south through Texas and New Mexico have locations. Many of the mid-eastern states have locations as well, with 26 locations in their home state of Tennessee, plus centers in Michigan, Ohio, and several other eastern states including the far south state of Florida.

 Life Care Centers Nursing Homes

Medicare Inspections

As seems to be common with large nursing home chains, their ratings within their Medicare/Medicaid program facilities are well below average. LLCA has 13 such facilities in it’s home state of Tennessee that all are 2 star overall rated or less. The 3 that are in the neighboring state of Kentucky are the same. To the far northwest, the 5 Medicare locations in Washington also are all rated overall with only 2 stars.


Life Care primarily is a long-term care or nursing home chain. However, they do offer some other types of facilities. The types of facilities and services they offer are:

  • Assisted Living and Retirement Communities
  • Rehabilitation
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • Life Care at Home


There are many ongoing lawsuits for personal injury and medical malpractice against LLCA in several states that were filed in 2012. One of their Tennessee locations in Maryville had its Medicare contract revoked at the end of 2011 and then subsequently closed the facility in January 2012. They have had several lawsuits filed on behalf of previous residents of the closed facility, including a wrongful death suit.

Life Care Nursing Home Lawyers

If your loved one was mistreated or neglected during an admission to a Life Care Nursing Home, the law affords you the opportunity to pursue the facility for damages.  Please contact our office for a free legal consultation of your loved one suffered from:

  • Bed sores
  • Repeated falls
  • Unexplained factures
  • Physical abuse
  • Medical errors



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