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Chicago CNA Charged With Stealing From Deceased Nursing Home Patient

Chicago CNA Charged With Stealing From Deceased Another CNA in Chicago has been charged with stealing jewelry from a deceased nursing home patient.  This incident involves Vanessa May, a CNA at Wynscape Nursing Home in Wheaton, IL.

Ms. May remains in custody of DuPage County officials with a $50,000 bond.  At this time, it is unknown when Ms. May’s criminal trial will proceed.

DuPage County prosecutors have been busy pursuing similar cases.  Earlier this summer, a charges were brought against an Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital worker who stole a wedding ring from a deceased patient he was responsible for transporting to the hospital’s morgue.

My take: 

If the charges related to these incidents prove to be true, we are dealing with some bad seeds here.  However, I believe that the frequency of these atrocious events really is indicative of a health care industry that allows the ‘bottom of the barrel’ to work with our most vulnerable.  Until the healthcare industry does a better job sorting though their applicants more trouble is likely around the corner.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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