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50 Essential Web Sites For Families With A Loved One In A Nursing Home

50 Essential Web Sites For Families With A Loved One In A Nursing HomeCaring for a loved one can be difficult.  The added dynamic of caring for a loved one who requires the services of a nursing home can be even more so.  Too often families find themselves grasping for information at a time when tensions run high.  Here are some great sites I’ve accumulated.

Of course, there are tons more sites out there.  Have some suggestions?  Don’t hoard them.  Pass them along to me so others can learn from them.


1) American Association for Homecare

This blog focuses on accessing care for people and advocating for people in their homes. They provide information about compliance, trends, education, and training and information for the patients and their families.

2) Pathway Medical Staffing

Pathway Medical Staffing recruits and employs nurse case managers and non clinical nursing professionals for nursing home environments.

3) Jacqueline’s Patient Advocacy Blog

This blog allows and informs patients to navigate and learn the healthcare system.

4) Suzanne Gordon

Suzanne is a writer, speaker and advocate for patients. Suzanne’s blog tackles important issues such as nurse communication and patient care.

5) RN Patient Advocates, PLLC

A group of RNs who teach people about their health care through advocacy, education, and guidance. The blog dives into issues that RN’s help patents work through.

6) Healthcare Whisperer

Hari Khalsa writes the Healthcare Whisperer. Hari is a RN who concentrates in natural medicine and healing and provides insights to families trying to navigate the healthcare system.

7) provides nurses with communication that helps with professional development and personal feedback. There is constant communication on the site/blog to help nurses at all levels.

8) North Carolina Estate Planning Blog

Gregory Herman-Giddens assists in helping those in nursing homes do their estate planning.

9) California Health Advocates

Based in California, they specialize in Medicare advocacy and education.



1) Caregiver list

This blog gives updates on important health care information ifor the elderly. It helps those who are caregivers properly care for the elderly.

2) ElderLaw Answers

This gives an array of answers to some of the legal questions that are faced by the elderly population in the United States. It also gives people information on elder law attorneys across the nation.

3) Silver Innings – Blog for Senior Citizens

This is a universal blog about the elderly, family and caregivers that show what the elderly community around the world is like.

4) Nurse Virginia Blog by Virginia Garderding, R.N.

Virginia talks about elderly care and what the caregivers should expect and how the caregivers should treat those they are caring for. Through her blog and book, Virginia shows how to care for the elderly with dignity.

5) Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog by Frances Shani Parker

Frances writes about anything associated with elder care, hospice, palliative care, nursing homes, dementia, caregiving and seniors. She keeps topics up to date.

6) Boca Home Care Services

Boca Home Care Services provides different levels and types of care for the elderly in the Boca Area. They tailor their staff to meet specific needs of patients.

7) Vida, Inc. Senior Resource

Vida Inc. Helps connect seniors with senior care specialists who help in caring for specific needs. They provide home care, assisted living and senior care resources.

8) Skilled Nursing

This blog incorporates many realms of elder care and needs. This is a nationwide directory that provides quality ratings to facilities across the United States.



1) Eldercare ABC Blog

This blog deals with all sorts of issues in caring for the elderly ranging from financial elder abuse, aging parents to average nursing home costs.

2) Elder Abuse by David Kessler

David discusses the prevalence and problems with elderly abuse in society today. He discusses ways to detect and report the abuse. Contact David Kessler at

3) Senior Living Information Blog

Lisa Sneddon heads this Chicagoland area blog and describes the process of aging and finding home placement for the elderly when needed.

4) Senior Care Blog

A comprehensive look at resources on the internet for senior citizens, family members and caregivers. There are also links to current events, articles and service providers that seniors can use.


This site and blog comprehensively covers the death care industry and current events. People who are interested in learning about death preparations, legal ramifications, living placement, etc. would find this blog helpful.

6) CareCrunch – Empowering Family Caregivers

The caregivers of seniors find this very useful because they have up to date information on new trends and ideas on caring for their clients. Most caregivers provide care for many years and this enlightens them to new ideas so they do not get into the monotony of day to day caring.

7) Inside Elder Care

Ryan Malone, blog author, helps inform the readers to make elder care experiences a positive influence. Ryan has a very personal history of his mother suffering a stroke and the process of recovery after with complications.

8) Home Care Assistance

This blog allows professionals in the elderly care industry to discuss events, news, problems, that arise within the homecare and nursing home industries. It allows for open and honest communication for people with hands on experience.



1) Mama’s Health

Mama’s Health provides tools that help educate people to lead healthier lives which makes people lead happier, more productive and lower stress lives.

2) Dementia Support Group

A range of support groups to help those family members and caregivers of people with dementia. Discussions include support, treatments, discussions and life to life dealings.

3) Eldercare Expert Blog by Cheryl Mathieu, Ph.D., M.S.W.

This blog helps teach caregivers and family how to know signs and symptoms of some of the elderly diseases and what to do if they are recognized. Cheryl shares ideas and ways to work with/for the elderly.

4) Retirement Living Sourcebook

A resource to help those in the Washington D.C. and surrounding area know, compare and contrast all the retirement, assisted living and nursing homes. Also allows those in the community become actively involved in the retirement/elderly community.

5) Ask Liza: Everyday Estate Planning by Liza Weiman Hanks

Liza gives information on how to go about writing and using wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, estate taxes and probate court. It is an online resource to help people navigate the legalities of this sort of planning. Contact Liza at

6) Wills, Trusts, and Estates Prof Blog by Gerry Beyer

This teaches families and the elderly population how to plan their finances. It shows all aspects of wills, trusts and estate planning. Contact Gerry at

7) Seniors for Living

Discussions range from funding assisted living, independent living, alzheimers care, continuing care, retirement living and home care. It assists family members in choosing what is appropriate for their loved ones.

8) Resources for Seniors

This comprehensive blog compares different types of elderly living facilities. It helps caregivers and families choose appropriate placement and keep up with current trends in elderly living.

9) The Q Family Adventures Travel Blog by the Q family

This is the real life travels and vacations of a suburban Atlanta family. It gives helpful advice, strategies and stories of travel with families and spouses. Contact the Q family at


1) South Carolina Nursing Home Blog by Ray Mullman of Polikoff & Associates

One of the most diligent bloggers around, Ray does a tremendous job keeping us updated on the ongoings regarding nursing home abuse both in South Carolina as well as the rest of the country.

2) Legal Medicine by Dan Frith and Lauren Ellerman of Frith & Ellerman Law Firm

Dan and Lauren are Virgina attorneys who do a tremendous job clearly explaining complex issues in medical malpractice and nursing home negligence cases.

3) Jere Beasley Report

Not many lawyers have an influential reputation like Jere Beasley– nor could they pull off a blog with their name in the domain and get the type of volume that Jere does with his blog. In addition to nursing home abuse, Jere writes about mass torts, environmental disasters, recalled products and the latest news in the field of personal injury law.

4) Mininno Law Offices Blog

With offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia John Mininno and Donald Browne Jr. have incorporated a blog as an extension of their firm website that concentrates on negligence committed in a nursing home and hospital setting along with timely topics such as the DePuy hip recall.

5) Maryland Nursing Home Lawyer Blog

I always enjoy the thoughtful entries by the lawyers at Lebovitz & Mzhen concerning nursing home abuse in Maryland. Unlike some lawyer websites, Maryland Nursing Home Lawyer Blog does a great job providing information as opposed to just re-playing the news.

6) California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog

One of the more established nursing home abuse blogs around, The Walton Law Firm produces a consistently excellent blog concentrating on educating the publis regarding their legal rights when it comes to mistreatment in a nursing home.

7) Massachusetts Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Bernard Hamill is a Masachusetts personal injury lawyer that concentrates in representing victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.

8) Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog

Michael O’Conner & Associates are lawyers in Pennsylvania that represent victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. Blog topics include: bed sores, neglect and under-staffing.

9) North Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Blog

Henson & Fuerst, well respected North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney, assemble an interesting array of topics relating to nursing home care. I particularly enjoy how the firm incorporates many stories not traditionally associated with nursing home abuse on their frequently updated blog.


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  1. Under “PATIENT ADVOCATE SITES,” may I make two suggestions, please?:
    1) Orlando Patient Advocates (FL) – co-owned by Sheryl Kurland and Roxane Abelow. We are independent Patient Advocates who help patients navigate the medical maze to get the proper medical care they specifically need and help them achieve an optimum health care outcome.
    2) National Association Of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants – A national organization of Patient Advocates, whose directory is located at
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