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Nashville Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys

Nashville Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse LawyerAfter spending a lifetime of contributing to the community and making Nashville the beautiful place it is, senior citizens have earned the right to receive the highest quality of care.

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are victimized by caregivers who are given the responsibility to ensure their health and well-being is maintained.

The Nashville personal injury attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC have handled many cases where the victim is left only with the severe consequences of abuse that may involve physical injury, emotional trauma, mental anxiety, depression, and, at times, death.

Medicare regularly collects information on all nursing home facilities in Tennessee, based on data gathered through inspections, surveys, and investigations.

Currently, the national database reveals that inspectors identified serious violations and deficiencies at seventeen (55%) of the thirty-one Nashville nursing facilities that resulted in harm to the residents.

If your parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, or child was injured, mistreated, abused, or died unexpectedly from elder neglect while living at a Nashville nursing home, your family has the right to seek justice.

Nashville Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

We urge you to contact the Rutherford County nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers at Nursing Home Law Center at 800-926-7565 (toll-free phone call) or fill in the contact form today.

Schedule a free consultation and let our Nashville office discuss your legal options for obtaining monetary recovery through a nursing home lawsuit or compensation claim.

Senior Citizen Demographics in the Nashville, TN Area

Nearly 650,000 residents live within the Nashville city limits, where more than 80,000 are senior citizens. The aging population increases significantly when accounting for all retirees residing throughout Davidson County.

The number of elders in the community has risen substantially over the last few decades as many individuals in the baby boomer generation have chosen to make Nashville the ideal place to live during their retirement years.

Unfortunately, the growing population of seniors has placed a significant burden on nursing homes, assisted living centers, and rehabilitation facilities throughout the county. As a result, many nursing homes are now overcrowded and unable to meet the needs and demands of all their residents.

In addition to the crowded conditions, many facilities are understaffed by overworked doctors, nurses, nurse aides, and employees who often become frustrated in their workplace to the detriment of their patients.

Nashville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Nashville Nursing Home Resident Health Concerns

Even though nursing facilities and assisted-living homes are designed to provide a high level of caregiving services to the residents, the reality is often much different.

Too many nursing staff members are abusive to the residents under their supervision in various ways. Some cases of mistreatment are apparent where the resident suffers broken bones through a deliberate act or unsupervised fall.

Other signs of abuse are not visible where the victim is neglected due to the nursing home conditions, minimal staffing, or the uncaring nature of one or more nurses, doctors, or employees at the facility. Others suffer physical and emotional injuries through sexual abuse.

For years, our Nashville senior abuse network of lawyers has guided family members through the complex legal system when a family member becomes a victim of mistreatment.

Also, we routinely evaluate and assess publicly available information from federal and state databases, including

This national agency rates every nursing home across the nation. Our Davidson County nursing home neglect lawyers reviewed opened investigations, filed complaints, safety hazards, state surveys, and health violations involving nursing homes throughout Tennessee.

Nashville Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Comparing Nashville Area Caregiving Facilities

The list below has links to the Nashville area caregiving homes currently maintaining below-average ratings compared to other American nursing homes.

Also, our team of senior injury lawyers have posted primary concerns about the nursing home and have detailed our concerns about specific cases that directly or indirectly cause the resident harm, injury, or death.

Many families use this information as a useful tool before placing a family member in a nursing home to ensure they receive the highest levels of nursing services available from the medical staff.

Information on Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Lawsuits

Our Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyers have compiled data from settlements and jury verdicts across Tennessee involving personal injury to give you an idea as to how medical malpractice, sexual abuse, and nursing home abuse cases are valued. Click on the links below to learn more about the TN abuse nursing home cases below:

Overall Rating of 31 Nursing Homes

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 (4) Much above average
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 (6) Above average
  • Rating: 3 out of 5 (4) Average
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 (9) Below average
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 (8) Much below average

January 2020

1 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Nashville Area Facilities

One Star Rating
  • Signature Healthcare of Madison / 431 Larkin Spring Rd, Madison, TN 37115 / (615) 865-8520 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Lakeshore Heartland / 3025 Fernbrook Lane, Nashville, TN 37214 / (615) 876-2754 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Grace Healthcare of Whites Creek / 3425 Knight Drive, Whites Creek, TN 37189 / (615) 806-8800 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit |
  • Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing / 306 W Due West Avenue, Madison, TN 37115 / (615) 871-8200 | 1 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • West Meade Place / 1000 St Luke Drive, Nashville, TN 37205 / (615) 726-0492 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Vanco Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center / 813 S Dickerson Rd, Goodlettsville, TN 37072 / (615) 792-9154 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Life Care Center of Old Hickory Village / 1250 Robinson Road, Old Hickory, TN 37138 / (615) 791-1103 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing Center / 832 Wedgewood Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 / (615) 794-8417 | 1 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website

2 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Nashville Area Facilities

2 Stars Rating
  • McKendree Village / 4347 Lebanon Road, Hermitage, TN 37076 / (615) 885-2320 | 2 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing Center / 421 Ocala Drive, Nashville, TN 37211 / (615) 352-3430 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Life Care Center of Hickory Woods / 4200 Murfreesboro Pike, Antioch, TN 37013 / (615) 834-4214 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Greenhills Health and Rehabilitation Center / 3939 Hillsboro Circle, Nashville, TN 37215 / (615) 297-2100 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • The Health Center at Richland Place / 504 Elmington Avenue, Nashville, TN 37205 / (615) 269-4200 | 2 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • Woodcrest at Blakeford / 11 Burton Hills Blvd, Nashville, TN 37215 / (615) 731-7130 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Good Samaritan Health and Rehab Center / 500 Hickory Hollow Terrace, Antioch, TN 37013 / (615) 712-2600 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • The Meadows / 8044 Coley Davis Road, Nashville, TN 37221 / (615) 792-4948 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Nashville Community Care and Rehabilitation at Borde / 1414 County Hospital Rd, Nashville, TN 37218 / (615) 758-4100 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit

Our Nashville senior home neglect lawyers recognize that failing to follow procedures and protocols violates federal and state nursing home regulations.

Nashville Nursing Home Injury Lawyers

Nashville Nursing Home Abuse -- Getting the Justice Your Loved One Deserves

Nursing home abuse neglect against the elderly takes many forms. In many cases, loved ones want vindication to hold those legally accountable for the harm they’ve caused a vulnerable loved one who could not stand up for themselves.

Most cases of mistreatment against the elderly involve physical assault, sexual attacks, emotional trauma, and financial exploitation. Unfortunately, many instances of nursing home abuse neglect go unreported for various reasons.

In some cases, nursing home residents can no longer communicate what is going on due to their medical condition or mental status. Other times, nursing home residents are too scared to speak out in fear of physical retaliation or personal reprisal by the perpetrator.

Family members are often unaware of the most signs of abuse and negligence. Apparent indicators of home abuse include:

  • Unexplained bruising (potentially physical abuse)
  • Medication errors including not following physician’s orders (drug administration negligence)
  • Hazardous conditions and a lack of supervision that leads to a fall with injuries (potentially medical staff abuse or neglect)
  • The staff refused to allow the resident access to normal activities or visitors
  • Facility-acquired bedsores that degrade due to a lack of proper treatment (potentially substandard medical care)
  • Financial exploitation through theft of the resident’s personal belongings or funds
  • Genital and anus area bruises or lacerations (potentially sexual abuse)
  • Starvation and dehydration (potentially nutritional negligence)
  • Unnecessary sedation or improper restraint using chemicals or physical devices including belts without authorization

Tragically, many nursing home residents die from senior home abuse or neglect every year.
If your loved one was harmed, injured, or has passed while under the care of nursing professionals, it is essential to seek the legal representation of our compassionate personal injury attorneys today.

Holding medical doctors and nursing staff legally accountable for nursing home abuse protects the rights and dignity of the resident that was harmed.

Legal action shields all future nursing home residents who may not be aware of the unacceptable actions and level of care provided by the caregiving home.

Having an attorney on your side is typically the best solution to ensure that your loved one receives the financial compensation they deserve

Speak to a Nashville Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

The Nashville senior home abuse attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC have assisted many families in navigating the legal system to file a complaint and claim against a nursing home.

Our Tennessee elder abuse law firm fights aggressively to ensure that the injuries of our clients are immediately addressed and take fast legal action to stop the abuse now.

If your elderly loved ones, disabled spouse, or rehabilitating sibling suffered injury through nursing home abuse or negligence, contact us at our Nashville, Tennessee office today at (800) 926-7565 (toll-free) to schedule a free consultation.

Our Tennessee senior abuse network of attorneys handles cases on a contingency fee arrangement. This agreement provides immediate legal services without the need for an upfront fee.

Our lawyers will work on your behalf to ensure you receive compensation for hospital bills, medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

All information involving nursing home abuse discussed with our law offices remains confidential through an attorney-client relationship.

Nashville Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Resources

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Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial. Lisa
After I read Jonathan’s Nursing Home Blog, I decided to hire him to look into my wife’s treatment at a local nursing home. Jonathan did a great job explaining the process and the laws that apply to nursing homes. I immediately felt at ease and was glad to have him on my side. Though the lawsuit process was at times frustrating, Jonathan reassured me, particularly at my deposition. I really felt like Jonathan cared about my wife’s best interests, and I think that came across to the lawyers for the nursing home. Eric