$3,100,000Pressure sore death
$2,333,000Fall involving traumatic brain injury
$1,500,000Bedsore settlement
$1,499,000Dementia patient injury
$1,250,000Repeated fall injuries

Athens GA Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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When making the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, you trust that they will get good care of in a safe and secure environment.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nursing home abuse can take many forms, from neglect, financial fraud, physical and emotional abuse. If you believe your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, it is crucial to take action.

The personal injury attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center can help you file a claim and get the justice your family deserves.

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When it comes to the safety of our loved ones, we never take any chances. We do everything to ensure that they get quality care, whether we are with them or not.

Unfortunately, sometimes nursing homes don’t live up to our expectations, and our loved ones can become victims of abuse or neglect. If this has happened to you, it’s essential to contact an Athens, Georgia, nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

They will be able to help you protect your rights and get the justice you deserve. Don’t wait; call today!

Nursing Home

Athens, GA Nursing Home

A nursing home is a facility that provides around-the-clock nursing care for people who are unable to care for themselves. Nursing homes nurses, aides, and therapists provide medical care for nursing home residents.

According to law firm attorneys, residents in rest homes may be at risk of neglect. They say that the residents can often not communicate properly and may be unable to tell their loved ones what is happening to them. Many nursing homes in the Athens, GA, area are guilty of rest home neglect.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue that affects many seniors each year. It can take many different forms, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and neglect.

Nursing home abuse can have a devastating effect on a senior’s health and well-being, and it is vital to be aware of the warning signs and symptoms so that you can take action to protect your loved one.

Have you suffered rest home neglect and considering hiring a law firm? If so, The personal injury attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center can help you receive the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, between 1 and 2 million Americans, 65 or older have been injured, exploited, or mistreated by someone they depended on for basic needs or assistance. That’s about 1 in 10 older people.

The number of reported cases of elder abuse is increasing every year. In 2010, more than 47,000 cases of elder abuse were reported to Adult Protective Services (APS) across the United States.

Injured clients have many law firms to choose from in Georgia, but few can compare to the experience and results that our law firm offers. Our law firm has a proven track record of success in personal injury law, and our clients always come first.

Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

There are many reasons why nursing home abuse may occur. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Chronically understaffed: Nursing home staff are often overworked and underpaid, leading to frustration and anger, which can sometimes result in abuse, lack of proper care, or neglect of nursing home residents
  • Poor training of staff: Nursing home staff may not be properly trained in how to care for elderly residents leading to substandard care and negligence, which can, in turn, lead to abuse or neglect
  • Lack of regulation and oversight: Nursing homes are often not adequately regulated or monitored, allowing abuse and neglect to go unchecked
  • Resident illness or disability: Most Vulnerable members who are ill or have disabilities may be more susceptible to abuse or neglect
  • Resident behaviors: Aggressive or disruptive residents may be more likely to be abused or neglected

Our law office has legal resources to help victims of nursing home abuse in Athens, Georgia. If you or a family member has been a victim of assisted living facilities, please contact our law office for a free consultation.

Our attorneys understand such time can be difficult, and we want to ensure that you have all the information you need as you consider your legal options.

Injuries Resulting From Nursing Home Abuse

The injuries resulting from nursing home abuse may include:

  • Bruises, cuts, or other physical injuries may result from physical abuse, such as being hit or pushed
  • Bedsores can occur when a resident is not properly cared for and is left in one position for too long
  • Malnutrition or dehydration can happen when a resident is not given enough to eat or drink or is not given proper nutrition
  • Emotional distress may result from verbal abuse, being ignored, or being treated like a child
  • Financial exploitation may involve someone taking advantage of a resident’s money or property

Personal injury in nursing homes can take many forms, sexual abuse being one of the most severe.

A family member of a nursing home resident is often their best advocate. They are in the best position to observe any nursing home neglect their loved one may be experiencing.

Should you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect, it’s crucial to consult neglect attorneys for legal help.

How to Prevent Retirement Facilities Neglect

There are several ways to prevent retirement facility neglect. First and foremost, it is crucial to select a facility that has a good reputation, qualified staff, up-to-date safety features, and a solid management team. In addition, families should visit potential facilities and get to know the staff.

Families should also be familiar with the warning signs of retirement facility neglect, which can include: unexplained injuries, bruises or welts, unsanitary conditions, poorly trained staff, and a general feeling of unease. Should any of these indicators be present, it is vital to take action immediately.

The best way to prevent retirement facility neglect is to be proactive. Families should do their research, ask questions, and be vigilant in watching for warning alerts.

They can ensure that their loved ones are safe and well-cared for in their retirement years by taking these steps.

In Athens, GA, victims of nursing home abuse often feel helpless and alone. If you or a loved one has been the victim of Athens nursing home neglect. The first step is to reach out to an experienced Athens nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you understand your legal options and protect your rights.

Filing Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

Assisted living facility lawsuit can be filed in either state or federal court. The first step is to file a complaint with the state or federal agency that oversees nursing homes. The agency will investigate the complaint and may take action against the nursing home.

Should you decide to file a lawsuit, you must file a complaint with the court. The complaint will state the reasons why you are suing the nursing home.

You will also need to provide evidence of the abuse, including witness statements, medical records, and photos of the abuse.

The nursing home will likely respond to the lawsuit by denying the abuse occurred. It will also probably argue that you are not entitled to any damages, but a trial will resolve it.

You may be awarded damages for your injuries where you win the lawsuit. These damages may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

Average Settlement in Nursing Home Abuse

The average settlement in a nursing home abuse case will vary depending on the severity of the abuse, the number of victims of nursing home, and the jurisdiction in which the case is filed. However, most settlements will fall somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

Where the retirement facility staff’s intentional actions or inaction cause injury, harm, or death to an older person living in a nursing home, Athens area Georgia assisted living facility abuse attorneys can help if you have experienced this type of mistreatment.

Has your loved one died due to the negligence of another person or entity? If so, you may have legal recourse. Depending on the circumstances, you may file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death claim can seek damages for the losses the close relatives have suffered, including:

  • The loss of income and support the deceased would have provided
  • The cost of medical attention and funeral expenses
  • The pain and suffering of the deceased before death
  • The loss of companionship, love, and consortium of the deceased spouse or partner

To file a wrongful death lawsuit, you must hire a personal injury attorney. The attorney will help you gather the evidence needed to prove negligence and file the case on your behalf. If you are successful, you may be awarded damages to help you and your family cope with your loss.

Many families are unsure what to do when they suspect their loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home. It can be challenging to know where to turn for legal assistance and even more challenging to make sure that your loved one is safe.

One of the most important things you can do is get legal advice. An experienced attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options and work with you to plan the best course of action to protect your loved one.

Nursing home abuse victims and their family members often face many challenges. One of the biggest is finding the right personal injury law firm to represent them.

The personal injury attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center have a long history of successfully representing nursing home abuse victims and their families. We have the experience and resources needed to get the best results for our clients.

Attorney-Client Relationship

The attorney-client relationship is one of the most important in the legal profession. It is a confidential relationship where the client shares information with the attorney to receive legal advice.

The law protects the confidentiality of this relationship, and the attorney is not allowed to share any information with anyone unless the client gives permission.

The relationship is based on trust, and the attorney must always act in the client’s best interests. If the attorney does not feel comfortable representing the client, he or she can withdraw from the case.

Our Georgia attorneys have significant experience representing injured people who were abused in nursing homes. At our law firm, we understand how to investigate these cases and work with experts to prove our clients’ claims. Our goal is always to get the best possible result for our clients.

Hiring a Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to Resolve a Nursing Home Abuse Case

Have you been a victim of nursing home neglect? If so, hiring a lawyer is the best step to ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

The personal injury attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center have recovered millions for our clients, and they can do the same for you.

Contact us today toll-free at (800) 926-7565 for a free consultation with one of our Georgia nursing home abuse lawyers, and let us help you get the justice you deserve. All confidential information you share remains private.


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