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Knoxville Tennessee Nursing Home Ratings GraphIt can be heart-wrenching to hear that a loved one residing in a nursing facility has been abused or neglected. While many signs and symptoms of mistreatment of nursing home abuse can be quick to detect, quite often, they are not.

A loved one can be suffering for days, weeks, or months through neglect or mistreatment and unwilling or unable to speak out.

The Knoxville nursing home neglect & abuse affiliate attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC have handled many cases of nursing home mistreatment where the resident was too fearful of retaliation to speak out and chose to remain quiet.

If you suspect abuse and neglect of a loved one, contact an affiliate nursing home abuse lawyer for a free consultation regarding your legal rights and options for recovery.

Medicare Inspection Data from Knoxville Nursing Facilities

The federal government, through Medicare, collects information each month on all nursing facilities in Knoxville, Tennessee, based on data gathered through investigations, surveys, and inspections.

The patient-protecting agency found severe violations and deficiencies related to medical care at six (23%) of the twenty-six Knoxville nursing homes that led to resident harm.

If your loved one was mistreated or died unexpectedly from neglect while living in a nursing facility in Tennessee, you have legal rights to ensure justice.

We invite you to contact the Knoxville nursing home abuse network of lawyers at Nursing Home Law Center today.

Seniors Living in Knoxville, TN Area

Out of the 185,000 residents living in Knoxville, approximately 20,000 are senior citizens, many of whom live in a nursing home in the community. The number of seniors nearly doubles when counting the retirees living all throughout Knox County.

The limited number of long term care facilities in the area are often filled to capacity. The overcrowding can lead to severe problems of neglect or abuse.

Sometimes, congested and understaffed situations can place a heavy burden on the nursing team, attempting to continuously meet all the health and hygiene needs of elderly patients.

Not many situations in life require us to place our faith in others, like when families entrust medical professionals to provide care for a loved one in a nursing facility.

The family must believe that the staff will always do the right thing for the residents and take the appropriate action in every situation. When that trust has been broken, it is imperative to take immediate action through an aggressive legal response.

Knoxville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
Knoxville Nursing Home Resident Health Concerns

Negligent and abusive conditions occurring inside a nursing facility can produce incredibly harmful consequences for the resident.

Often, families are shocked to learn that their elderly loved one has been taken advantage of, neglected, or abused, where the situation lasted for a long time without intervention.

To assist, our Tennessee nursing home abuse team of attorneys continuously assess, review, and evaluate open investigations, filed complaints, safety concerns, and health violations of nursing facilities all throughout the Knoxville area.

This publicly available data is gathered from numerous sources, including Many families use the information we post as an effective solution for determining which nursing home is best for elderly residents who require the highest level of health care and hygiene assistance.

Others find the data useful in understanding the standard of care an elderly patient is likely already receiving as a resident in the nursing facility.

Comparing Knoxville Area Nursing Facilities

The list below contains links to Knoxville area nursing facilities that currently maintain below standard ratings compared to other homes nationwide.

Clicking the links reveals the information our Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyers posted with our primary concerns.

Many of these nursing home abuse violations detail specific cases involving neglect, mistreatment, the spread of infection, medication errors, facility-acquired bedsores, and other serious problems.

Knoxville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Information on Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Lawsuits

Our nursing home abuse lawyers have compiled data from settlements and jury verdicts across Tennessee to give you an idea of how cases involving neglect or abuse are valued.

Learn more about the personal injury home abuse cases below:

Overall Rating of 26 Nursing Homes
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 (6) Much above average
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 (7) Above average
  • Rating: 3 out of 5 (7) Average
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 (5) Below average
  • Rating: 1 out of 5 (1) Much below average

January 2020

1 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Knoxville Area Nursing Homes One Star Rating
  • Westmoreland Health and Rehabilitation Center / 5837 Lyons View Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 | 1 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
2 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Knoxville Area Facilities One Star Rating
  • NHC Healthcare - Ft Sanders / 2120 Highland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37916 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation - Northhaven / 3300 Broadway NE, Knoxville, TN 37917 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit
  • Asbury Place at MaryvilleNursing Home / 2648 Sevierville Rd, Maryville, TN 37804 | 2 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • The Waters of ClintonNursing Home / 220 Longmire Rd, Clinton, TN 37716 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Summit View of FarragutNursing Home / 12823 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923 | 2 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
3 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Knoxville Area Nursing Homes 3 Stars Rating
  • Serene Manor Medical Center / 970 Wray St, Knoxville, TN 37917 | 3 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • NHC Healthcare - Knoxville / 809 East Emerald Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917 | 3 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • West Hills Health and Rehabilitation Nursing Home / 6801 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919 | 3 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit
  • Shannondale Health Care Nursing Home / 7424 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37909 | 3 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • NHC Healthcare - Farragut / 120 Cavett Hill Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922 | 3 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Concordia Transitional Care and Rehab - Maryville / 1012 Jamestown Way, Maryville, TN 37803 | 3 out of 5 stars | For-Profit
  • Briarcliff Health Care Nursing Home / 100 Elmhurst Dr, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 | 3 out of 5 stars | For-Profit
4 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Knoxville Area Nursing Homes 4 Stars Rating
  • Island Home Park Health and Rehabilitation Center / 1758 Hillwood Drive, Knoxville, TN 37920 | 4 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit
  • Holston Health and Rehabilitation Center / 3916 Boyds Bridge Pike, Knoxville, TN 37914 | 4 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Beverly Park Place Health and Rehabilitation Center / 5321 Beverly Park Circle, Knoxville, TN 37918 | 4 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit |
  • Life Care Center of Blount County / 1965 Stewart Lane, Louisville, TN 37777 | 4 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Blount Memorial Trans Care Nursing Home / 2320 East Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, TN 37804 | 4 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation - Fairpark Nursing Home / 307 N Fifth St, Maryville, TN 37801 | 4 out of 5 stars | For-Profit
  • Shannondale of Maryville Health Care Nursing Home / 803 Shannondale Way, Maryville, TN 37803 | 4 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
5 out of 5 Stars Overall Rating Knoxville Area Nursing Homes 5 Stars Rating
  • Fort Sanders TCU / 1901 Clinch Ave, Knoxville, TN 37916 | 5 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit
  • Wellpark at ShannondaleNursing Home / 7512 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37909 | 5 out of 5 stars | Non-Profit | Website
  • Senator Ben Atchley State Veterans' Home / One Veterans Way, Knoxville, TN 37931 | 5 out of 5 stars | state government-owned and operated | Website
  • Norris Health and Rehabilitation Center / 3382 Andersonville Highway, Andersonville, TN 37705 | 5 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • NHC Healthcare - Oak Ridge / 300 Laboratory Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 | 5 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
  • Applingwood Health Care Nursing Home / 1536 Appling Care Lane, Cordova, TN 38018 | 5 out of 5 stars | For-Profit | Website
Knoxville Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm
When Negligence, Mistreatment, or Abuse Becomes a Legal Issue

Many loved one's advocates have noticed subtle signs, symptoms, and indicators that he or she is being mistreated or is a victim of abuse. Their harm might be the result of a traumatic event of abuse or less conspicuous signs that are often ignored.

In many cases, the staff administered the patient an incorrect medication dosage that resulted in severe side effects. Other cases involve a parent who was neglected for an entire day or night and left to lie on the floor after falling.

Abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of the elderly living in nursing facilities is unacceptable.

Typically, the only solution to stop the mistreatment is to hire an aggressive, yet understanding, elder abuse attorney in Knoxville who is knowledgeable about comprehensive Tennessee tort laws.

Many of the cases handled by our Tennessee elder abuse lawyers involve:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional and mental trauma
  • Injury from falling
  • Activity restrictions
  • Facility-acquired bedsores
  • Financial exploitation
  • Oppression or isolation
  • Under-medication or over-medication
  • Theft of the resident’s property or money
  • Malnutrition caused by not being fed enough nutritional food
  • Dehydration
  • Wrongful death
Detecting the Signs and Symptoms

Identifying the signs and symptoms of nursing home neglect and abuse against the elderly loved one in a nursing facility can be challenging to spot. However, families should remain vigilant and actively participate in the care provided to their loved ones.

The most detectable indicators of nursing home abuse and neglect involve:

  • Pressure ulcers (bedsores; pressure sores; decubitus ulcers) allowed to advance to a life-threatening condition
  • Incoherent behavior caused by overmedicating or lack of hydration
  • Loss of appetite leading to weight loss
  • Unexplained bruises, lacerations, or scrapes
  • New and unusual behaviors including worrying and fear
  • Unsanitary conditions in bedrooms, bathrooms, and public areas
  • Burn injury
  • Abnormal behavior including frustration, anger, or agitation
  • Signs of depression or suicidal ideation (thoughts)
  • Soiled bedding and clothing
  • Poor hygiene caused by inadequate bathing

Nursing home staff sometimes abuse or neglect elderly residents due to understaffing, when there are insufficient nurses, nurse assistants, and other medical staff working to ensure all patient's needs are met.

Knoxville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney
Speak with a Knoxville Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

Unfortunately, every day, elder members living in nursing facilities suffer from nursing home abuse by being mistreated or neglected in Knox County, where the only solution requires intervention by family members and friends.

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, physical abuse, ill-treatment, mistreatment, or they have lost their lives unexpectedly, you likely can file a claim for compensation.

The Knoxville nursing home abuse affiliate attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC have extensive knowledge in professional litigation and have handled many successful claims for personal injury, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death.

Contact our Tennessee elder abuse network of nursing home abuse attorneys today at (800) 926-7565 for legal advice and a free consultation.

Our aggressive team of nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers accepts all personal injury, wrongful death, and abuse cases through contingency fee agreements.

Our legal arrangement states that we are paid for our services only once we win your case at trial or negotiate an acceptable amount of financial compensation through an out of court settlement.

All information you provide to our law offices will remain confidential through an attorney-client relationship.

Client Reviews

Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial. Lisa
After I read Jonathan’s Nursing Home Blog, I decided to hire him to look into my wife’s treatment at a local nursing home. Jonathan did a great job explaining the process and the laws that apply to nursing homes. I immediately felt at ease and was glad to have him on my side. Though the lawsuit process was at times frustrating, Jonathan reassured me, particularly at my deposition. I really felt like Jonathan cared about my wife’s best interests, and I think that came across to the lawyers for the nursing home. Eric