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Green Bay WI Nursing Home Ratings GraphOut of a population of more than 105,000 residents, Green Bay Wisconsin is home to 11,000 senior citizens within the city limits. The number of elderly residents has risen significantly over the last few decades, which is increased the demand for nursing homes in the community. However, this increased demand has caused overcrowding at many of these locations which sometimes creates problems resulting in neglect, abuse and mistreatment.

Medicare releases data annually to the public on all nursing facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin based on inspections, surveys and investigations. The publicly available database reveals that investigators identified serious violations and deficiencies at two (14%) of the fourteen Green Bay nursing facilities that caused injury or premature death to residents. If your loved one was mistreated, abused, injured, harmed or died unexpectedly from neglect while living in a nursing home in Wisconsin, let our attorneys protect your rights starting now. Contact a Green Bay nursing home abuse attorney at Nursing Home Law Center (800-926-7565) today to schedule a free case review to discuss how we can file and resolve a claim for compensation on your behalf to recover your damages.

Green Bay Nursing Home Resident Safety Concerns

The Green Bay nursing home neglect attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC know how difficult it is for many families to place a loved one in a nursing facility without understanding the level of care the home provides. To assist, our skilled Wisconsin nursing home abuse lawyers publish publicly available information detailing nursing facilities that maintain one, two and three out of five possible stars found in the Comparison Tool rating system posted on Many families use this information to make the best informed decision before turning the medical and hygiene care requirements of their loved one over to medical professionals.

Comparing Green Bay Area Nursing Homes

The list below contains nursing facilities in the Green Bay area who consistently maintain a one, two or three stars average rating overall compared other facilities nationwide. Our Green Bay nursing home attorneys have detailed the major primary concerns at each facility.

Information on Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence Lawsuits

Our attorneys have compiled data from settlements and jury verdicts across Wisconsin to give you an idea as to how cases are valued. Learn more about the cases below:

Overall Rating of 14 Nursing Homes
    Rating: 5 out of 5 (5) Much above average
    Rating: 4 out of 5 (5) Above average
    Rating: 3 out of 5 (2) Average
    Rating: 2 out of 5 (1) Below average
    Rating: 1 out of 5 (1) Much below average
August 2018

Bornemann Nursing Home
226 Bornemann St
Green Bay, Wi 54302
(920) 468-8675

A “For-Profit” 127-certified bed Medicaid/Medicare facility

Overall Rating – 3 out of 5 possible stars

3 stars rating

Primary Concerns –

Failure to Provide Adequate Medical Care to Ensure an Existing Bedsore Does Not Develop into a Life-Threatening Condition

In a summary statement of deficiencies dated 08/06/2015, a notation was made by a state surveyor during an annual licensure and certification survey involving the facility’s failure to “ensure that [2 residents in the facility] reviewed for pressure ulcer risk received the necessary care and treatment to promote healing and prevent new ulcers from developing.” This deficient practice caused harm to one resident in the facility who had “medical co-morbidities that increased the development of pressure ulcer risk and currently had a stage II pressure ulcer on the coccyx and a stage II pressure ulcer over the left ishium.”

The medical staff in charge of providing the resident’s care failed to “consistently follow the resident’s plan of care to include interventions to have a Roho cushion on all seated surfaces.” In a separate incident, another resident “was assessed to be at risk for the development of pressure ulcers and was receiving preventative treatment […] per current standard of practice, [the resident] was to have their heels free floated. [The resident] was observed in bed with heels placed directly on a pillow, rather than free floating.

Failure to provide basic standards of care to ensure existing pressure sores can heal might be considered negligence or mistreatment at the facility. These deficient practices performed on two residents at the facility directly violates federal and state regulations and does not follow the established policies adopted by Bornemann Nursing Home.

Manor Care Health Services-West
1760 Shawano Ave
Green Bay, Wi 54303
(920) 499-5191
A “For-Profit” 105-certified bed Medicaid/Medicare facility

Overall Rating – 2 out of 5 possible stars

2 stars rating

Primary Concerns –

Failure to Properly Investigate an Allegation of Abuse in the Facility Involving Injuries of Unknown Origin

In a summary statement of deficiencies dated 10/22/2015, a complaint investigation against the facility was opened for its failure to “ensure that all allegations of mistreatment, neglect, abuse, injury of unknown origin, and misappropriation of resident property were thoroughly investigated for [a resident at the facility].” The complaint investigation was opened in part after “a family member reported [seeing] bruising on the resident’s wrists to the facility. Although the facility investigated this allegation of abuse, they did not complete a thorough investigation to include interviewing additional residents to rule out abuse.”

Additionally, the Nursing Home Administrator at the facility “verified [that] the facility staff did not conduct interviews with additional residents regarding possible abuse, after discovering the injuries of unknown origin, related to [the resident’s] wrist bruises.” The Nursing Home Administrator “then stated this allegation was a different situation as the facility was not able to see the bruises on the resident [… and] commented the facility [performed] staff and hospital reviews, but no resident reviews were conducted in this case.”

Failing to thoroughly investigate any active report of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents at the facility might be considered mistreatment or negligence by the medical staff and administration. In addition, the deficient practice directly violates state and federal laws governing abuse and nursing facilities.

Odd Fellow Home
1229 S Jackson St
Green Bay, Wi 54301
(920) 437-6523

A “Non-Profit” 74-certified bed Medicaid/Medicare facility

Overall Rating – 3 out of 5 possible stars

3 stars rating

Primary Concerns –

Failure to Provide Adequate Standards of Care and Treatment to Prevent the Development of Facility Acquired Pressure Sores

In a summary statement of deficiencies dated 03/06/2015, a state surveyor made a notation during an annual licensure and certification survey concerning the facility’s failure to “ensure that [5 residents] reviewed for pressure ulcers, received appropriate care and treatment to heal existing pressure ulcers and/or to prevent redevelopment of pressure ulcers.” The deficient practice was noted in part because a resident “currently had a stage II pressure ulcer on her coccyx. According to [the resident’s] medical record, the pressure area has healed and re-opened. Despite this, there were no changes made to [the resident’s] care plan to prevent further pressure ulcers from occurring.”

Our Green Bay nursing home abuse lawyers understand that any failure to provide adequate treatment to ensure that a healed pressure ulcer does not reopen might be considered negligence or mistreatment by staff members. Additionally, the deficient practice directly violates regulations set forth by federal and state agencies in charge of regulating nursing facilities.

Common Signs of Abuse and Neglect

Many families facing an unwelcomed challenge of taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent realize that allowing them to remain at home is often not an option. As a result, the loved one must be placed in a nursing facility that is given the responsibility of their health and hygiene requirements. Many families hope that the medical professionals have been properly trained to meet the loved ones needs. Unfortunately, many residents in nursing facilities become victims at the hands of their caregivers or other residents, where the family remains unaware that abuse or neglect is occurring until long after the harm is done.

Understanding the common signs of abuse and neglect are not always easy. Neglect is often the result of some failure of the medical team who are unable, unwilling or do not have the capacity to provide the appropriate level of medical care and assistive services to meet the needs of the resident in a timely manner.

Our dedicated team of Green Bay nursing home advocate lawyers know that delaying care or not providing care at all often causes the resident significant harm or discomfort. In many incidents, neglect is the failure to act appropriately when the resident is in danger to the point where their health could be compromised.  Common signs of neglect are:

  • Unsupervised residents are provided opportunities to elope or wander away from the facility
  • Residents become dehydrated or malnourished because water and food is inaccessible
  • Residents are harmed by facility acquired pressure sores (bedsores; decubitus ulcers; pressure ulcers) that are always preventable
  • A resident suffers unexpected infection caused by the spread of infection throughout the facility or because of insufficient care or treatment
  • The resident is injured due to or dangerous environments that cause injuries, harm or death

Abuse is much different than neglect because it typically involves a deliberate action that causes harm to the resident even if it appears to be unintentional. The common signs of abuse and nursing facilities often involve:

  • Broken bones or lacerations
  • Heavy medication or sedation without doctor’s orders or justification
  • Resident to resident altercations due to a lack of supervision or lack of monitoring by the medical team
  • Unexpected frequent illnesses when proper attention by the doctor other medical personnel is not given promptly
  • Serious injuries that lead to the resident’s death including wandering away from the facility or some other egregious disturbance

If you suspect that your parent or grandparent has been abused or neglected, it is essential to take immediate action to report the suspected negligence or abuse to authorities. The Green Bay nursing home abuse attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center LLC provide advocacy services to every nursing home resident in Wisconsin.

Our team of dedicated of Green Bay nursing home abuse case attorneys can provide numerous legal options to stop the mistreatment now and assist you in filing a claim for compensation. We encourage you to call our law offices today at (800) 926-7565, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no obligation, full case review.

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