Hidden Camera Catches Care That Family Wishes It Would Have Never Seen

camera watches abuse in nursing homeThe increasing popularity- backed by need- of nursing homes has been tarnished by the rising rate of abuse reported in one out of every three nursing homes in the United States. While these homes have proved to be a relief for working individuals who fail to give full time, attention and care to their mothers, fathers and other elder relatives, registering at one is becoming questionable nowadays.

As disturbing a thought as it may be, Elderly Abuse is fast becoming a known phenomenon. Gone are the days when senior citizens felt at home in nursing facilities. In fact, these days the mention of a nursing home can put our loved ones in serious depression. Despite the fact that taking care of elders requires a lot of patience and time, it should be done with the utmost care because they are the most vulnerable faction of our society. The care and concern they showed all their lives for us necessitates that the same be reciprocated to them. Sadly, this is far from the truth in quality nursing care centers today. Is your elder being abused? Nursing care abuse happens in a number of forms and leaves deep scars on people. Just as Minnie Graham passed away because of low will power stemming from abuse, elderly abuse can be fatal for people who demand the most affection and care. The cases for Minnie Graham and Mynez Carter highlight the main forms of abuse namely, physical, emotional, sexual and the neglect that elders are subjected to at the hands of merciless caregivers. Within these, certain actions that have the most effect include:

  • Harsh words being used- the kind that is not only considered disrespectful but downright mean.
  • Disrespectful behavior that makes elders feel unwanted and burdensome.
  • Slapping, hitting and mal-handling that causes bruising and joint pains.
  • Yelling and threatening.
  • Being passive to pain and cries of help.

Noticing signs and symptoms of your elders being abused is extremely necessary, especially when they spend a huge part of the day alone with caregivers. Look for unexplained bruises, cuts or sprains and never disregard any complaints from them regarding the nurses. Like Mrs. Graham’s family ignored her at first when she told them someone was hitting her, most families end up thinking their elders are hallucinating or they fall for the nurses’ baseless excuses. The fight against Elderly Abuse If you have noticed the symptoms given above, taking steps to ensure the sanity of senior citizens is a must. First of all, be smart and install a hidden camera in their room just as Shirley Ballard did. In fact, after the Oklahoma Governor signed the law for camera installations in all resident rooms, hiding the cameras is no longer required. Next, you should report to the nursing center’s administrative staff. If they take appropriate action against the caregiver assigned to your family member, this matter may be solved. However, if your loved one has gone through severe emotional and physical trauma because of such abuse, hiring an elder abuse attorney is the answer.

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