$3,100,000Pressure sore death
$2,333,000Fall involving traumatic brain injury
$1,500,000Bedsore settlement
$1,499,000Dementia patient injury
$1,250,000Repeated fall injuries

Colorado Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Colorado Nursing Home Abuse Laywer Stats

Abusive and negligent acts in nursing homes can have devastating impacts on residents, from physical harm to emotional trauma. Addressing these issues requires a knowledgeable and assertive legal approach.

Nursing Home Law Center, LLC’s nursing home abuse attorney team is proficient at navigating these challenging cases. Our firm is dedicated to advocating for the rights of victims and their families, ensuring they receive the justice and support they need.

The Alarming Reality of Nursing Home Abuse in Colorado

In Colorado, the issue of nursing home abuse is not just a legal concern but a humanitarian crisis. Nursing homes, which should be sanctuaries for elderly residents, can sometimes become sites of elder abuse and neglect. The causes are complex, often rooted in systemic issues within the care facilities.

Colorado nursing facilities are not immune to the nationwide problem of abuse and neglect. Factors like understaffing and inadequate training of staff members are primary contributors to this troubling trend. Understanding these causes is critical to addressing and preventing future elder abuse.

colorado nursing home abuse lawyer

Nursing Home Statistics in Colorado

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) December 2023, data revealed concerning statistics concerning caregiving homes in Colorado.

Among the 213 facilities assessed, a significant percentage, comprising 40% or 85 facilities, received ratings categorized as “below average” or “much below average.” These ratings point to potential concerns about the quality of care within a substantial portion of nursing care facilities in Colorado.

Moreover, inspectors have cited specific facilities for instances of elder abuse, further underscoring the need for comprehensive investigations and interventions to protect the safety and well-being of residents in a nursing home. The following facilities have been cited for abuse:

  • Bethany Nursing & Rehab Center
  • Colorow Health Care
  • Creekside Village Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center
  • Elk Ridge Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Juniper Village – the Spearly Center
  • Kiowa Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Lakewood Villa Nursing Home Facility
  • LA Villa Grande Care Center
  • Lowry Hills Care and Rehabilitation
  • Mantey Heights Rehabilitation & Care Center
  • Orchard Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Paonia Care and Rehabilitation Center
  • Park Forest Care Center
  • Poudre Canyon Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Red Cliffs Post Acute
  • Rock Canyon Respiratory and Rehabilitation Center
  • Sierra Post Acute Nursing Home Facility
  • Sterling Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Sundance Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • The Heights Post Acute
  • University Heights Rehab and Care Community
  • Valley Manor Care Center
  • Valley View Health Care Center

These statistics highlight the importance of vigilance and advocacy to protect the rights and dignity of nursing home residents in Colorado. Family members and loved ones should remain vigilant and report any suspected neglect or abuse to the relevant authorities.

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Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse encompasses a range of harmful behaviors and neglectful practices that jeopardize the well-being of residents.

Definition and Forms of Abuse

Each form of abuse has distinct characteristics, but all share the common thread of causing harm to vulnerable residents. Common forms of mistreatment include the following:

  • Physical Abuse Manifestations: This involves visible injuries such as contusions, lacerations, or fractures. These injuries often lack a cogent explanation, or the explanations provided by staff members are inconsistent.
  • Indicators of Emotional Abuse: Symptoms include noticeable depression, a tendency to withdraw, or visible fear, particularly noticeable in the vicinity of certain staff or other residents. These behaviors may be indicative of psychological abuse.
  • Evidence of Sexual Abuse: This encompasses signs suggestive of non-consensual sexual interactions, which may include physical evidence or significant, sudden changes in the individual’s behavior, indicating possible sexual assault, molestation, or exploitation.
  • Symptoms of Financial Abuse: These are characterized by inexplicable financial transactions such as withdrawals from bank accounts, alterations in legal wills, or the absence of personal items, suggesting possible financial exploitation.
  • Signs of Nursing Facility Neglect: Observable indicators include poor personal hygiene, evident malnutrition, or untreated medical issues. These signs point to a potential lack of adequate care, possibly due to negligence or medical malpractice.
colorado nursing home abuse attorney

Recognizing Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in senior care homes, often a hidden and insidious issue, manifests in various forms, challenging caregivers and loved ones to stay alert. Identifying nursing facility abuse requires vigilance.

Recognizing the signs of nursing home abuse is the first step toward intervention and prevention. The challenge lies in differentiating between typical aging-related issues and clear indicators of abuse.

  • Physical signs may include unexplained injuries, bruises, or frequent hospital visits.
  • Behavioral changes could be as subtle as withdrawal or as overt as agitation and fear around a specific nursing home staff member.
  • Financial irregularities might also signal exploitation.

It is critical to approach this sensitive topic with a keen eye and a proactive stance, ensuring the well-being and dignity of the elderly.

Common Types of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse and Their Prevention

Understanding and preventing common forms of abuse is crucial for safeguarding nursing home patients.

  • Pressure Sores and Neglect: Pressure ulcers are a common and preventable sign of neglect. Adequate care and regular repositioning of residents are essential to prevent these painful injuries.
  • Preventing Falls and Medication Errors: Falls and medication errors in nursing care facilities can be prevented with proper supervision and careful management of medications. Ensuring each nursing home staff member is well-trained and attentive is key.
colorado nursing home negligence lawyer

The landscape of elder home care is legally structured to protect its residents; a confluence of federal and state laws is in place to serve as a bulwark against nursing home abuse and negligence. When these protective measures fail and abuse occurs, nursing home abuse attorneys step in to navigate the complexities of the law and advocate for the vulnerable.

Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and financial exploitation are among the many forms of mistreatment that the law addresses. Family members play a crucial role in monitoring the care of their loved ones, often consulting with a nursing home abuse lawyer for a free consultation to understand their legal options.

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Holding Colorado Nursing Home Staff Members Accountable

When neglect is suspected, gathering medical records and documenting signs of a nursing home’s negligence is essential. Pursuing a nursing home abuse case often involves proving that the care home facility failed to provide proper care, which can range from adequate supervision to preventing bed sores and addressing medical care needs.

In Colorado, for instance, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is a critical resource for understanding the regulations that govern nursing and assisted living facilities. Should there be a need to file a personal injury claim or even a wrongful death claim, knowing the intricacies of Colorado nursing regulations can be pivotal.

Federal Nursing Home Reform Act

Enacted to ensure that residents of care home facilities receive the highest practicable level of physical and mental well-being, the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act is a cornerstone in the fight against nursing home abuse and negligence. It is a legal framework that clearly outlines residents’ rights and sets forth stringent standards for nursing home facilities to uphold quality of life and care.

State-Specific Laws in Colorado

Colorado has specific statutes and regulations governing nursing and assisted living facilities. These laws are designed to protect residents from abuse and ensure they receive proper care and respect.

In states like Colorado, the Act supports the efforts of the Colorado Department of Human Services to monitor assisted living communities and ensure that care home staff provide the necessary care. When neglect occurs, the Act serves as a benchmark to evaluate the care standard provided and determine the required legal action.

Personal injury lawyers specializing in elder care can assist in proving nursing home abuse and guiding families through the process of filing neglect claims or abuse claims.

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For residents who suspect abuse or are victims of self-neglect, this Act is a protective measure that ensures at-risk adults are not left to suffer emotional harm without recourse.

It emphasizes the importance of sufficient supervision and care within these facilities and provides a legal avenue to address grievances, potentially leading to compensation for medical bills and other damages.

In essence, the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity of long-term care facilities and the dignity of those residing within them.

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Taking Action Against Nursing Home Negligence

Acting against negligence is crucial for protecting nursing home residents in Colorado.

Suspected abuse should be reported to Adult Protective Services and other relevant authorities. Timely reporting can prevent further harm and initiate the legal process. Some reporting agencies include the following:

The Role of Our Denver Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

Nursing home abuse lawyers often reference this Act when advocating for individuals who have been abused. Our legal team provides free consultations and utilizes medical records to substantiate claims of mistreatment.

Our Colorado nursing home lawyers specialize in handling these complex cases. We assist victims and their families in holding negligent facilities accountable and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients pay only if our personal injury lawyers win the case.

Pursuing Justice and Compensation

Our attorneys are committed to obtaining just compensation for victims. This includes damages for the following:

Victims and their families can file a Colorado nursing facility abuse lawsuit. This legal action seeks to hold responsible parties accountable and can result in financial compensation for the harm suffered.

nursing home negligence lawyer colorado

Protecting the Rights of Colorado’s Elderly Residents

Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights and dignity of elderly patients in nursing homes. Our nursing home abuse lawyer team is committed to fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves and ensuring that justice is served for victims of nursing home abuse, mistreatment, and neglect.

When to Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If abuse or neglect is suspected, contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer is a critical step. Your competent nursing home lawyer can guide you through legal options and the best course of action.

Discover compassionate and competent legal advocacy with Nursing Home Law Center, LLC, where our Colorado nursing home lawyers excel in managing abuse cases. By calling (800) 926-7565, you’ll receive a free consultation and the assurance that we will hold negligent staff members accountable.

Your loved one deserves the best possible care, and we are here to enforce that right in any assisted living facility or nursing care facility.

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