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Information & Ratings on Warrenton Manor (Violations)

There are many different ways that a nursing home can be found legally liable for its actions or inaction. For example, if the premises are not safe for the residents, or if a nursing home negligently hires a staff member who abuses a resident, it can be held responsible. However, nursing homes simply do not give out compensation if any of these things happen. They are well represented by counsel precisely to prevent you from receiving any financial recovery in the event that something happens to your loved one. If your family member has been harmed while residing at a nursing home, you should retain an attorney to help you through the process of filing legal action against the nursing home.

Warrenton Manor is a medium-sized facility with 120 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The facility provides skilled nursing services to residents of Warrenton, MO and the Central Missouri area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

65 State Hwy AA 
Warrenton, MO 63383
(636) 456-8700

There are certain conditions for a nursing home's participation in the Medicare program. The Code of Federal Regulations is very detailed in the prescriptions that it contains regarding the standards of care at a skilled nursing facility. Inspectors will come to the nursing home and subject it to a rigorous inspection to make sure that these rules are being followed. If they are not being followed, the facility can be fined or even blocked from receiving Medicare reimbursements for new patients that move to the facility. In a worst-case scenario, the facility can be permanently removed from the Medicare program.

Although the facility did not receive the lowest rating for staffing, the numbers that it reported to Medicare for its staffing levels are far below the national averages. The facility has 53 minutes of licensed nurse time per resident per day. This is far below the 93 minutes that is the national norm. There is only 22 minutes of RN time each day for each resident, while is slightly more than half the national average of 40 minutes. Adequate staffing is a necessity to provide competent care that accounts for all of a resident's needs. 

The nursing home was inspected in October 2017 and received 10 citations. While this is a large number of citations, none of them merited a fine from the federal government. The inspection report detailed how the nursing home kept residents in restraints wither without the roper documentation or use a more restrictive restraint than necessary.

In addition, the facility was found to have inadequate pressure ulcer care in that it failed to adequately assess and stage pressure ulcers for four separate residents. When residents are at risk for pressure ulcers, their position must be continuously shifted to avoid undue pressure on any one particular spot of the body. Also, they must be regularly examined for pressure ulcers because this condition can grow worse if it is left untreated. Pressure ulcers must be staged to figure out the seriousness of the condition. This will dictate how the pressure ulcer is treated. 

There were numerous other reports of care which was lacking in compassion and attention to detail. For example seven residents were not given proper supervision and help at meals. One resident was observed struggling to reach their food with a fork and staff did not assist them. Staff also failed to change an indwelling catheter for one resident. Finally, staff was noted to have not propel and transfer residents in a manner that would prevent accidents. 

Perhaps the most alarming facet of the inspection report was the medication error rate at the facility. A nursing home should keep the error rate below five percent. While there is some recognition of the fact that minors errors to happen, they should be kept to a minimum. Here the facility had a 44 percent error rate. There were many instances of staff giving residents their medications very late. Medications must be given at a regular interval in order to be most effective. Anything more than an hour before the scheduled time or an hour after is considered to be untimely administration of medication, and this facility was cited for this on multiple occasions. 

Further, this facility received nearly the maximum possible penalty from Medicare for a high rate of hospitalization among its residents. Medicare has a program where it rewards nursing homes that have low rates of hospitalization, while punishes those whose rates are much higher than the national average. Warrenton Manor received almost the full two percent reduction in reimbursements that Medicare can withhold. 

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