Information & Ratings on Warrensburg Manor Care Center (Violations)

Lawsuits against nursing homes can be broken down into several categories. Medical care received at a nursing home can fall under the rubric of medical malpractice if it is sub-standard and causes harm. Further, any mishaps relating to the daily care of the resident can be legally actionable if the nursing home has been negligent and the resident is injured. For example, if there was an accident hazard and the resident falls and is hurt, then you have grounds for a lawsuit against the nursing home. When you retain a competent and aggressive attorney, you can have a better chance of achieving the justice that your family deserves in the event that your loved one is harmed at a nursing home. 

Warrensburg Manor Care Center is a small-sized facility with 92 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The nursing home provides long-stay services to residents of Warrensburg, MO and the Central Missouri area with a particular focus on dementia care. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

400 Care Center Dr 
Warrensburg, MO 64093
(660) 747-2216

Both the federal government and the State of Missouri share regulatory authority for nursing homes. While nursing home care would appear to be a state issue on the surface, the federal government's authority comes from the fact that it is the steward for the Medicare and Medicaid programs. If the nursing home is to continue receiving federal money, it must follow the federal rules governing care in nursing home. In reality, the federal and state governments work closely together to ensure compliance with rules and to penalize a nursing home when it fails to comply with the regulations. 

Nursing homes receive quality ratings that are assigned by the Center for Medicare Services. The rating takes into account how the facility has performed in its inspection along with Medicare's rating of the facility's staffing and quality of care ratings. Medicare intends for these ratings to guide families in their selection of a skilled nursing facility for their loved one. The ratings can also give families who have loved ones residing at a facility a window into the quality of care at the nursing home. 

Warrensburg Manor Care Center received a one-star overall rating from Medicare. Usually, when a facility has a one-star rating in at least one of the subfactors, it will likely have a one-star overall rating. Here, the facility received one-star ratings in both the areas of health inspection and quality of care measures. These are two of the three major areas of rating.

In the inspection reports, some issues will resident falls have been noted. First, residents experienced falls at the this facility at a rate more than twice the national average. This is one of the contributors to the one-star rating that the nursing received in the quality of care subfactor. When a resident falls, there must be interventions undertaken afterwards to prevent the resident from falling another time. While it may not be possible to completely prevent falls, there must be some change in the resident's plan in the wake of a fall to keep them safer. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury at a nursing home and due care is required to reduce the instance of falls. Here, a resident experienced a fall and was injured, but there was no change to the plan or intervention undertaken, so the resident fell another time.

While the facility did not receive a one-star rating in the staffing subfactor, there is some cause for concern at the amount of RN staffing at the facility. An RN is the type of nurse that can handle the most responsibility. While the nursing home may also employ LPNs, it should ensure that there is the proper mix of the two types of staff in light of the more advanced duties that an RN can handle. Here, the facility had only 17 minutes of RN time per resident per day. This is far below the national average of 40 minutes and can lead to issues that impact all areas of care at the nursing home. 

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