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Information & Ratings on Truman Gardens (Violations)

Some nursing homes have difficulty providing the care that they are obligated by law to give to their residents. Whether it stems from a lack of institutional competence or the profit motive getting in the way of care, nursing homes owe a duty to their residents to both provide them with medical care and assist them with their activities of daily life. Sometimes, things go wrong in a nursing home. If the nursing home has either done something wrong or did not do what they should have done, you and your family may have a legal cause of action if it has caused injury to your loved one.

Truman Gardens is a medium-sized facility with 118 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The nursing home provides short-stay and long-stay services to residents of Independence, MO and the Greater Kansas City area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

17451 Medical Center Pkwy 
Independence, MO 64057
(816) 373-7795

The federal government publishes quality information for every nursing home in the country that participates in the Medicare program. The government sends examiners to each home and publishes reports that detail all of the compliance violations that are found in the course of the inspection. If the deficiencies are serious enough, or if they have cause actual harm or imminent jeopardy to a resident, the facility will be fined. If you have a loved one at one of these facilities, you can read the inspection report to get a sense of the quality of care at the nursing home and trends of which you should be aware.

Truman Gardens has received a one-star rating from Medicare. This means that it can be considered as one of the worst nursing homes in the country since it has received the lowest rating possible. This is reflected in the numerous fines and Notices of Noncompliance that this facility has received in the past three years. While fines for nursing homes are not unheard of, it is unusual for a nursing home to receive three separate fines in a three-year period. These fines were concentrated in a period of 14 months.

The fines started in February 2016 and have grown progressively larger which each occurrence that has led to a penalty. The first fine was for $11,115. In the inspection report, the federal examiners detailed incidents that were related to a lack of implementation of measures taken after a fall. Residents are supposed to be neurologically examined and there must be changes in care plans when a resident has had falls. Here, one particular resident fell nine times and the facility failed to effectively put in place the interventions that were required. This resident broke a hip and a shoulder in separate falls. In addition, the staff failed to safely transfer three different residents.

The second fine was for $20,856 and was assessed in December 2016. This fine resulted from the fact that the facility failed to provide adequate supervision for a resident who was a known risk for elopement. The resident left the facility on their own and was not stopped by staff. They were found in the parking lot behind the facility by a cook. At the time, the temperature was 18 degrees Fahrenheit, and the resident was found without a coat. Emergency assistance was required because the resident's body temperature when they were found was below 88 degrees. 

The third fine came just four months after the second one. Perhaps reflecting the escalating severity with which the repeated violations were viewed, the facility was fined $79,830. Here, the facility was found to have not afforded residents the proper care with regard to pressure ulcers. This affected several residents. Several residents developed unstageable pressure ulcers because the facility failed to identify and treat pressure ulcers. These bedsores are generally preventable with the proper care. Even if residents do develop this condition, it is treatable, but the ulcers should be identified early and the staff must follow treatment instructions. Here, the staff did none of these things. In one instance, two CNAs stated that they did not even notice one resident's pressure ulcers until a state surveyor alerted them to it. This was also the basis for a Class I Notice of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri. 

Even though three fines in a short period of time should be enough to prompt the facility to improve care, it still had 14 separate health citations in its latest inspection report, issued in January 2018. However, none of these violations were enough to result in an additional fine for the facility. There have been a total of eight complaint investigations that have resulted in citations in addition to four self-reported incidents that led to a citation. 

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