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If your loved one is a resident of a nursing home and you have reason to believe that they have been mistreated, abused or neglected, you cannot always rely on the facility to handle the situation appropriately. Not only that, but you cannot count on the nursing home to simply offer your family compensation for the harm that your family member has endured. In order to right this wrong, you will need a lawyer on your side because oftentimes, that is the only language that a nursing home will understand. Retaining an attorney will demonstrate to a nursing home that your family is serious about ensuring that your loved one receives the appropriate care and is not harmed by the facility that is responsible for their care. Nursing homes are more likely to take your family seriously with a lawyer on your side.

The Estates of Perryville is a large nursing home with 156 certified beds. It participates in both Medicare and Medicaid and provides care to the residents of Perryville and Southeastern Missouri. It provides long-stay services and is located at:

430 North West Street
Perryville, MO 63775
(573) 547-1011

The Estates of Perryville has had numerous issues with its care over the years. The problems do not seem to have abated recently, as there have been a large number of complaints that have resulted in citations. As recently as July 2018, there were two separate investigations that were carried out as a result of complaints that resulted on citations for the home.

Residents and their families should expect that the facility that cares for their loved ones has staff on hand to carry out the job for which they are responsible. At a minimum, the proper staffing means having at least one registered nurse available for eight hours each day. In July 2018, The Estates of Perryville was issued a citation for not having a registered nurse present for at least eight hours each day. There was no RN scheduled or worked for 11 days out of 45. According to statistics provided to Medicare, there were only 56 minutes of nursing time per resident per day, which is well below the national average of 94 minutes.

In addition, this facility received a fine of $17,110 in October 2017. That fine was accompanies by a payment denial by Medicare for new patients. Payment denials are made when a facility has serious health citations that are not resolved within 90 days after they have been brought to the nursing home's attention. There have been 17 complaints filed in the past three years that have resulted in a citation of the nursing home as well as two self-reported incidents that also resulted in citations.

The most recent inspection report of The Estates at Perryville, which was issued in January 2018, resulted in 11 citations against the home. In this report, there were issues with feeding residents and ensuring that they maintain their weight. One patient lost 32 pounds in five months. The nursing home did not notice the weight loss nor did it undertake any intervention to arrest the weight loss. The Estates of Perryville staff admitted that they do not track weight and simply missed the change in this resident's condition. In addition. the rate of medication errors observed during the inspection exceeded five percent. The five percent threshold acknowledges that errors sometimes do occur with patient's medications. However, a rate above that is intolerable and dangerous for patients. Here, staff administered the wrong amount of medication to a patient. 

There were also nine citations issued during the previous inspection in February 2017. One of the major areas of concern was the fact that the facility was not free from accident hazards. The facility did not provide for adequate measures to transfer one specific resident. This resident could not bear their own weight, and had not been able to do so for five years. Nevertheless, the staff used a gait belt to transfer them from their bed to their wheelchair. In doing so, the resident's feet were dragging close to the ground. Given the resident's condition and inability to bear their own weight, staff should have used a mechanical lift to transfer the patient. 

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