Tennessee Nursing Home Ratings & Safety Violation Information

According to Medicare.gov, Tennessee has 316 nursing homes. While 208 (66%) of these facilities rank average or above on the level of care they provide, the remaining 102 (34%) have below average and much below average ratings. This substandard level of care falls below the acceptable rating allowed by Medicaid and Medicare.

The incident rate of abuse and neglect occurring in American nursing facilities has risen dramatically over the last few decades. The increase from mistreatment is likely the result of more senior citizens entering their retirement years than ever before. Unfortunately, the quality of care in many nursing homes has diminished because of a lack of enforcing procedures and protocols or insufficient supervision. Other times, residents are injured due to short staffing or a lack of proper training to ensure that patients’ needs are being met.

Below is a small sampling of the violations and citations state investigators have imposed on Tennessee nursing homes. Many families use this information to determine where to place a loved one who requires the best level of care.

Failure to Protect Residents from All Forms of Abuse

Every nursing facility has a legal responsibility to protect each resident under their care from all forms of abuse. Unfortunately, many residents in Tennessee nursing facilities become the victims of mistreatment through staff-to-resident assault, verbal confrontations or injuries from other patients. State and federal surveyors will quickly respond to any formal complaint involving abuse and neglect including those reported below.

  • The nursing home did not report misappropriation of a resident’s medications and physical abuse related to an injury of unknown origin (Cumberland Health Care and Rehab Center)
  • The nursing staff did not prevent a resident from mental abuse when a Certified Nursing Assistant scared her with her words (Hartville Convalescent Center)
  • The administration did not thoroughly investigate an allegation of abuse involving injuries of unknown origin (Hillcrest Health Care Center)
  • The nursing home did not ensure residents receive services that were free from neglect that resulted in a resident suffering a fracture (Laurelbrook Sanitarium)

Failure to Protect Residents from Accident Hazards

Dangerous situations, unsupervised areas, and exposure to hazards and harmful chemicals left in the open can cause serious issues for cognitively intact and cognitively impaired residents living in nursing facilities.

The investigators for the state and federal government will quickly arrive on the scene to investigate any incident that caused physical, mental, or psychosocial harm to a resident. Some events occurring in Tennessee nursing homes that resulted in monetary citations include:

  • The nursing home did not provide supervision that resulted in an injury from a fall (Cumberland Health Care and Rehab Center)
  • The nursing staff did not ensure that a resident was free from accident hazards after the resident experienced a fall (Grace Health Care of Cordova)
  • The nursing home did not keep a resident safe during a transfer who fell during the transfer (Huntingdon Health and Rehab Center)

Failure to Report and Investigate Any Act or Reports of Abuse, Neglect or Mistreatment

Every nursing home in Tennessee must investigate any case involving mistreatment that occurs at the facility and ensures it is reported to the appropriate State agencies according to the law. Unfortunately, not all facility Administrators follow procedures and failed to, or neglected to, investigate, and report an incident.

Not doing their job could place the health and well-being of the injured resident or all residents at the nursing home in Immediate Jeopardy. Serious concerns involving a failure to investigate mistreatment include:

  • The nursing home and Administrator did not ensure one resident was free from misappropriation of property when she reported a monetary theft (Concordia Nursing and Rehabilitation – Smith County)
  • The facility did not report an allegation of verbal abuse according to the law involving a Certified Nursing Assistant talking mean to a patient (Countryside Health Care and Rehab Center)

Failure to Implement and Follow Infection Protection Protocols

A failure to follow protocols involving contagious or infectious diseases in the facility could cause the spread of dangerous contagions from one resident to another. Serious concerns involving citations and violations imposed on nursing facilities related to infection control include:

  • The nursing staff failed to ensure practices were followed to prevent the potential spread of infection that involved residents on contact isolation (Dixon Health and Rehab Center)
  • The nursing home did not follow practices to avoid the possible spread of infection were followed (Huntingdon Health and Rehab Center)
  • The nursing staff did not ensure infection control practices were followed to prevent the spread of infections concerning hand hygiene (Bailey Park Community Living Center)
  • The nurses did not ensure personal protective equipment was utilized when entering a resident’s room who was on infectious contact isolation (Brookhaven Manor)

Failure to Ensure Residents Receive Proper Treatment to Prevent Bedsores

Nearly every form of bedsores acquired in a nursing facility could have been prevented had the nursing staff followed appropriate protocols and obtained Physician’s orders for treatment. Serious concerns involving the development of avoidable pressure wounds in Tennessee nursing homes include:

  • The nursing staff did not follow Physician’s orders during wound care for a pressure ulcer (Dixon Health and Rehab Center)
  • Failure to Implement Gradual Dose Reductions and Nonpharmacological Interventions
  • The nursing home did not provide an evaluation or rationale for continued use of antipsychotic and antianxiety medications (Life Care Center of Copper Basin)

Other Safety Concerns

Other serious safety concerns involving Tennessee nursing homes include many facility’s failures to enforce policies and procedures that prevent abuse and neglect. Some issues include the failure to implement a gradual dose reduction of antipsychotic and antianxiety medications and instead attempt to follow a non-pharmacological intervention to improve the resident’s quality of life.

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