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The Enquirer-Herald had a really interesting article regarding younger people in nursing homes.  Increasingly, nursing home are becoming a place for people of all ages.  Over the past 20 years, the number of residents at nursing homes has surged.  Today, people under 65 comprise almost 10% of the nursing home population.

At Orchards Rehabilitation and Care Canter, an Idaho nursing home, four out of five people are under 55.  According to administrator Mindy Shepard, a lack of alternatives is the real reason for younger people are entering facilities once deemed only for the aged.  “It’s not that uncommon because we have a gap in the health care system between the hospital and the nursing home,” says Sheppard.

Young, Middle Aged & Seniors.One of the reasons for the increase in younger residents is the increase in poorly controlled chronic disease.  Manny younger nursing home residents suffer from:

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