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Judicial System OperationA Canadian nursing home chain, Extendicare, has decided to do business anywhere but in Kentucky, where it just leased all 21 of its facilities to another company. The decision was made after the company failed to sway the Kentucky legislature to pass a measure into law that would make it more difficult to sue nursing homes for negligence and neglect. Some people see the action as evidence that Extendicare officials are aware of its own wrongdoing and have pulled the company out of the state in order to avoid being it being held accountable for its actions.

Previous Incident

In 2008, three nurse’s aides were involved in the abuse of a nursing home patient in a facility that was owned by Extendicare at the time. The incident was caught by the placement of a hidden camera and the defendants received diverted sentences for their crimes by 2010. Since the incident, Extendicare has shown a greater interest in politics— by attempting to persuade lawmakers to make it more difficult for the abused and neglected to file lawsuits against nursing homes.

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Extendicare  Poor Care Of Nursing Home PatientA lawsuit brought on behalf of a former resident of an Extendicare nursing home in Kentucky alleges that the operator’s corporate negligence is responsible for various injuries that developed during her admission.  In addition to naming Extendicare, the lawsuit further alleges that the nursing home administrators and individual staff members are responsible for the patients injuries.

According to a report in the Richmond Register, the patient identified as Elise Harvey, was a patient at Fir Lane Convalescent Center (also referred to Richmond Health and Rehabilitation Complex-Kenwood) for approximately three months during which time she suffered:

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The Chicago Tribune reported on a story involving the $2 million settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit involving a patient at a Wisconsin nursing home who suffered complications from improperly cared for surgical wounds.  The patient identified as Cynthia Wilms, was admitted to Willows Nursing and Rehabilitation in 2007 following a hip replacement surgery.  According to the families attorney, the facilities failure to treat the wounds resulted in her death.

Willows Nursing and Rehabilitation is owed by mega-operator Extendicare.

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Government Nursing Home ‘Watch List’The Richmond Health and Rehabilitation Complex, otherwise known as ‘Madison Manor’ has been added to the Special Focus Facility List following the disclosure of a videotape nursing assistants at the facility physically abusing, failing to provide food and failing to clean an 84-year-old resident at the facility in August.  The family of the woman placed a hidden camera in the woman’s room after they discovered more than 30 unexplained bruises on her body during a visit.

The Kentucky Attorney General filed criminal charges against three of the CNA’s involved in incident and one has already pleaded guilty. Madison Manor dismissed all three employees following the filing of criminal charges.

This incident is not the sole reason for Madison Manor’s placement on  the government’s watchdog list.  According to Beth Fisher, spokeswoman for the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, Madison Manor’s “history of non-compliance over the past three years” was the primary reason the facility was added to the Special Focus Facility List.

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Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Ricky Hamilton, the husband of Kimberly Hamilton, has filed a nursing home negligence lawsuit against Kenwood Nursing Home and the facilities parent company, Extendicare in Madison Circuit Court.  The lawsuit alleges the nursing home deviated from acceptable standards of care and failed to maintain a safe environment.  The lawsuit made a ‘jury demand’ and seeks an award of medical expenses, attorney fees and punitive damages.

Kenwood Nursing Home is part of the Richmond Health and Rehabilitation Complex in Richmond, Kentucky.  The facility has has several smalling nursing homes on the property including Kenwood and Madison Manor.

Madison Manor has a well-documented history of problems.  In 2008, the facility received a Type-A citation from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services after officials obtained a copy of a video documenting abuse of a resident.  Following disclosure of the video, 9 staff members were fired and a new training program was implemented for the staff.

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Unsatisfied with the nursing home’s explanation for the dozens of bruises on their 84-year-old grandmother, the family of Armeda Thomas, an 84-year-old resident at Madison Manor Nursing Home decided to place a video camera in the disabled woman’s room.  The video tape confirmed that Thomas was the victim of physical and verbal abuse from the staff at the facility.  The video revealed the following evidence of abusive behavior on the part of nursing home staff:

  • Video Reveals Abuse in Nursing HomeFailed to bathe Thomas
  • Failed to feed Thomas.
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Extendicare, a nationally known provider of nursing home care has recently been named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit in Minnesota.  The lawsuit alleges that residents of Extendicare Services, Inc. and Extendicare Homes, Inc. engaged in false advertising unconscionable contracts for new residents at their facilities.

With respect to the claim involving false advertising, the lawsuit claims Extendicare deceptively lured elderly persons to their facilities, with advertising campaigns claiming the facilities would be able to provide the individuals with the care they need.  Extendicare’s brochures, staff, and website promoted the nursing homes ability to provide high-quality, skilled nursing care as well standards that exceeded those set by the government with respect to nursing homes.

Poor Nursing Home CareGovernment regulations require nursing homes and long-term care facilities to conduct a thorough assessment of individual and their medical needs at the time of admission.  In contrast, Extendicare’s nursing homes admission policies paid no to the individuals medical condition or the facilities ability to care for the individual. The needs of current residents were similarly ignored as the nursing home attempted to keep their nursing homes filled to the brim without regard to staffing levels or if certain residents required more care than others.

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