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Illinois Nursing Home Quarterly Violations

With more than 800 nursing homes in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Health is responsible for both the licensure of each facility and investigating claims related to complaint’s made to the state’s nursing home complaint hot-line.  As a way providing a sense of organization to the nursing homes within the state that fail to provide sufficient patient care, a quarterly list of violations is released to the public on a regular basis.

For many of the violations, the agency provides links to the survey report which list the date the survey inspection was completed and the specific violations involved.  While surely not the most creatively written documents (not that they are intended to be), a closer review of the survey reports provides details into conditions surveyors discovered at the involved facility.

If you wish to delve further into a facilities background, older surveys may be accessed via the Illinois Department of Health’s website by using the drop-box and locating the specific facility.  

As nursing home lawyers, who frequently represent some of the individuals who have been harmed in incidents described within the survey reports, we may request a copy of the state’s investigative file to provide additional information both about a specific incident as well as the medical records viewed or witnesses interviewed by nursing home surveyors in rendering their decision.

In the case of a nursing home neglect lawsuit, the information both in the survey report and in the investigative file can be quite useful much of the informaiton was collected shortly after an incident– when the information is fresh.  Additionally, from a legal perspective, getting information about the names of employees who have knowledge of an incident can prove to be incredibly important in a litigation context when many employees are no longer working at the facility.

For more information on nursing homes in Chicago look here. For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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53 Illinois Nursing Homes Cited In 200953 Illinois Nursing Homes have the dubious distinction of being named on the Illinois Department of Public Heath, 2009 Second Quarter violations list. The list represents nursing homes that have been cited by the Illinois Department of Public Health due to violation(s) of the Nursing Home Care Act, or the agency has recommended de-certification to the Director of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, or the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for violations in relation to patient care, pursuant to Titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act.

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Blacks Receive Inferior Care At Most Nursing HomesA very informative, and frankly disheartening, investigative article on race in Chicago Nursing Homes was recently published in The Chicago Reporter.  The article’s author, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, concluded that black nursing home residents received inferior care compared to their counterparts in predominately white facilities– even when the facilities were owned by the same person.

Lowenstein analyzed the care rendered to residents at Alden Nursing Home, a well known chain of Chicago facilities owned by Floyd Schlossberg.  Lowenstein obviously did his homework, he analyzed data from: the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website, staffing levels on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Nursing Home Compare) and racial composition data from the Department of Community Health at Brown University.

The research conducted by Lowenstein, reveals the following disparities between predominately black v. predominately white nursing homes:

  • Each of the three predominantly black facilities received the lowest possible rating in 2009 from Nursing Home Compare, a federal database to evaluate nursing homes that are Medicare- and Medicaid-certified. Less than half of Schlossberg’s 16 predominantly white facilities received that same rating.
  • Two facilities received the highest ratings. At both facilities, located in Evanston and Skokie, at least 84 percent of the residents were white.
  • Residents at Schlossberg’s predominantly black homes received much less staff time than residents of his predominantly white facilities. For example, residents at Alden Estates of Evanston received an average of 5.53 hours of care per day, compared with 2.04 hours at the Greater Grand Crossing facility and 1.73 hours at the Heather Health Care Center in Harvey, which are both predominantly black. The combined total of daily care given at the three, predominantly-black homes was just 19 minutes more each day than the time at the predominantly-white facility in Evanston.
  • Sclossberg’s predominately black facilities has three times as many lawsuits filed against them as half of other Chicago nursing homes.

I hope the public will put pressure on Schlossberg to raise standards in all of his facilities.  Why should the quality of care be based on race?


Disparate Nursing Home Care, by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

Map Of Alden Nursing Homes and racial composition, from The Chicago Reporter

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See the Alden facilities below:

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First Quarter 2009 Illinois Nursing Home Violators Thirty-two Illinois nursing homes have the dubious honor of making it to the first-quarter 2009 ‘violator list’.  The list is comprised of facilities that the Illinois Department of Public Health has initiated action against. The list is a reminder to residents and families that they must be diligent in looking out for their loved ones– regardless of a facilities impressive track record.  While some of the facilities on this quarter’s list are ‘regulars’ others appear for the first time and generally have a good track record. Among this quarter’s more notable violators:

  • Three Alden facilities- Alden Alma Nelson Manor, Alden of Waterford and Alden Village North
  • Two Asta Care facilities- Asta Care Center Bloomington, Asta Care Center of Rockford
  • Beverly Farm Foundation- two citations for ‘Type A’ violations totaling $30,000
  • Two Clearbrook Facilities- Clearbrook-Wright Home and Clearbrook East
  • Two Rest Haven facilities- Rest Haven West Christian Nursing Center and Rest Haven Central
  • Two violations for Southview Manor- The Chicago nursing home received two ‘Type A’ citations within five weeks on and fines totaling $20,000
  • Two violations for Westshire Nursing & Rehab Center in Cicero, Illinois

For all the criticism heaped on government today, I always remain impressed with the quality of work folks at the Illinois Department of Health provide with respect the the inspection of these facilities. Obviously, many of these inspections take place when facilities are inhospitable to say the least! Below are the Illinois nursing homes appearing on this Quarterly Report.  We will be providing more detailed information on many of these facilities under an upcoming ‘nursing home spotlight’ section to our blog. Continue reading →

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The Chicago Sun Times reported on the death of 84-year-old, Benny Saxon.  Saxon was a resident at Alden Wentworth Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Chicago, Illinois when he either jumped or fell to his death from the fourth floor.  The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office pronounced Saxon dead shortly after the incident.

Senior Falls From Fourth Floor Window To His Death
Chicago Police are investigating the incident, but early reports indicate that the man suffered from dementia and showed signs of being agitated shortly before his death.  Currently, the death is being evaluated a suicide.

A dementia unit on the fourth floor?

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