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Information & Ratings on Swope Ridge Geriatric Center (Violations)

Instances of mistreatment, abuse and neglect at nursing homes are not only extremely disturbing, but they are illegal. If it happens to your loved one, your family does not have to sit idly by and watch your family member suffer. Instead, you can take forceful legal action, helped by an experienced nursing home law practitioner. Nursing homes can and should be held accountable if their care results in any injury or harm to your loved one. The best way to ensure this result is to retain an experienced and aggressive lawyer with the necessary knowledge to file a claim against the nursing home.

The Swope Ridge Geriatric Center is a large-sized facility with 240 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The facility provides long-stay services to residents of the Greater Kansas City area. It has non-profit ownership and is located at:

5900 Swope Pkwy 
Kansas City, MO 64130
(816) 333-2700

The federal government has strict requirements that nursing homes must follow. The consequences for failure to follow these laws and rules is that the nursing home may be fined or even temporarily barred from receiving Medicare reimbursements for new patients. The government will send examiners to the nursing home to test for compliance at both regular intervals as well as in response to complaints that have been filed. In addition, Medicare issues each nursing home a rating on a scale of one to five stars to reflect upon the quality of care at each home.

This facility received a Class II Notice of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri in June 2016. In this case, the nursing home failed to provide the appropriate care for one resident to treat one resident's pressure ulcer. This resident had five different pressure ulcers and the facility did not properly transcribe the treatment orders from the wound clinic. This incident was noted in the federal inspection report as one that caused actual harm to a resident. That inspection report was accompanied by a $29,250 fine and a payment denial from Medicare for new residents of the facility.

In fact, pressure ulcers appear to be one area in which the facility does not provide the proper care. The rate of residents that have pressure ulcers is nearly triple the national average. Pressure ulcers are preventable in that the facility can periodically move the residents or use a low air mattress to prevent them from forming. When a resident does develop a pressure ulcer, it requires precise treatment because it can grow worse and infected.

While the care has improved slightly recently, the 2017 inspection report was a cause for concern. That annual inspection noted 15 different incidents in which the facility failed to comply with regulations. These deficiencies were wide-ranging and touched upon most areas of care at the nursing home. There were many different instances in which staff failed to follow various physician's orders for care for residents. In addition, the home failed to ensure behavior monitoring was documented consistently when behaviors occurred. Moreover, there was no action taken to adjust the residents' care plans to account for these behaviors. One particular resident was physically and verbally aggressive with other residents on several occasions, yet the facility did not undertake the proper interventions.

There was also a complaint investigation in May 2017 that resulted in several citations for the facility. There was one incident in which the facility failed to thoroughly investigate and report allegations of possible abuse and neglect. There was an incident in which a CNA opened a resident's bathroom door without knocking. During the ensuing verbal exchange, the CNA allegedly cursed at the resident and berated them. The resident became distraught and indicated that they were suicidal. The CNA was not immediately removed from duty, instead working the day after the incident. The Director of Nursing stated that it was policy to have the staff member;s statement before they were removed. In addition, this incident should have been self-reported to the appropriate regulators within two hours. However, management at this facility was unaware of the regulations and requirements and did not report this incident, even though it was an allegation of abuse. 

Finally, this nursing home received the lowest possible rating in the area of staffing. The average nursing home in the United States has 93 minutes of nurse time each day per resident. This particular facility had only 42 minutes, including only 8 minutes of RN time per resident each day. It is extremely difficult to provide skilled nursing services to residents when staff is overworked and overburdened. 

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