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Stoney Point Healthcare Center Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

When your loved one is injured or dies at a nursing home due to errors made by the skilled nursing facilities, an attorney can help you hold them accountable. Nursing homes have armies of lawyers on retainer, but when you bring an attorney of your own, you can fight for the legal rights of your loved one and family. Call the attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center today to have a discussion about the facts of your case.

Stoney Point Healthcare Center

This nursing home is a 132 bed for-profit facility that offers short and long-stay care to residents of the Los Angeles area. The Medicare/Medicaid approved facility is located at:

21820 Craggyview St
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 882-8233
Stoney Point Healthcare Center

Nursing homes are required to help each resident attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well–being. The way that they provide this care is the subject of countless federal and state regulations. Inspectors will frequently be on the premises of a nursing home to make sure that the nursing home is following these rules. In the event that there is noncompliance, the nursing home can be fined by the federal and state government. Results of the investigations and inspection reports are publicly available and families can get a sense of quality of care provided by a nursing home.

Stoney Point Healthcare Center received a $10,000 fine from the federal government in June 2018. While the number and amount of federal government fines has been decreasing recently, the government will still issue fines in many cases where a nursing home’s error causes actual harm to a resident. Here, a particular resident’s was assessed as requiring two staff members effect all transfers of the resident. However, this requirement did not make its way into the resident’s care plan. Here, one CNA attempted to transfer a resident from their bed to a wheelchair, causing the resident a broken femur and dislocated kneecap. Then, the facility delayed in conducted the post-fall assessment that is required every time a resident falls.

Stoney Point has received a number of citations as a result of complaint inspections. One incident ultimately caused the death of a resident. The resident had a habit of going into the dumpster to retrieve food and other things. The care plan stated that the goal was that the resident would not do this, but the facility did not undertake any interventions to ensure this goal was met. The resident was found in the dumpster one day with a brown substance covering their face which they apparently ate. Later that day, the resident was found unconscious. It was eight minutes from the time that the resident was found unresponsive until the time where their vital signs were assessed even though staff knew that the resident’s skin was cold to the touch. The cause of death was asphyxia because a foreign object blocked the resident’s airway. However, staff did not promptly identify the reason why the resident was not breathing.

Around the same time, Toney Point received a citation for harm that was suffered by a resident. Staff did not meet professional standards by failing to reconcile and clarify medication for management of diabetes. The resident’s blood sugar level was not monitored for 14 days and there was no insulin coverage for the resident. As a result, the resident had altered mental status, high blood glucose levels, and was transferred to the general acute care hospital. When the inspectors investigated the complaint, the Director of Nursing stated that the admitting nurse may not have clarified the medication order when the resident was admitted to the facility.

Stoney Point continues to accumulate citations in the area of quality of care and life deficiencies. Resident’s families should pay particularly close attention to deficiencies in this area since they speak directly to the effectiveness of the care that facilities provide for their residents. Deficiencies in this area will usually be indicative of staff who are not rained or care that is substandard.

The facility also received a one-star rating in the area of staffing. The facility only had 16 minutes of RN time per resident per day, far below the national average of 41 minutes. RNs are usually the highest paid level of nursing and they provide the advanced medical care. Facilities will sometimes understaff the more expensive nurses while added less skilled CNAs in order to comply with California state requirements while maintaining their profits. In addition, the facility had no recorded physical therapist time for residents.

Has Your Loved One Been Injured at Stoney Point Healthcare Center? Get Legal Help Now?

Several of the incidents described above involved either injury to or death of a resident of this nursing home. When it is the nursing home’s lack of proper care that has caused these types of harms, your family may have a cause of action against the nursing home that could result in financial compensation. In order to effectively file the claim, you will need the representation of an attorney. Contact us today! At the Nursing Home Law Center, we help families take legal action against the nursing homes where their loved ones suffered harm. Call us today at (800) 926-7565 to schedule your free no-risk case consultation and to find out how we can put our expertise to use on your behalf.

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