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Information & Ratings on St Peters Manor Care Center (Violations)

The elderly and infirm who are residents at nursing home have rights. Beyond the expectation that they receive competent and meticulous care, there is the basic expectation that they be free from mistreatment and abuse. In the event that any of those occur, the facility must investigate and report those claims to the relevant authorities no matter whether the facility believed that the report is actually true. Any instance of mistreatment or abuse is legally actionable it your loved one has suffered harm, meaning you can file a legal claim against the nursing home for any damages that have been suffered by your family member. 

St Peters Manor Care Center is a small facility with 94 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The nursing home provides short-stay and long-stay services to residents of St. Peters, MO and the Central Missouri area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

230 Spencer Rd 
St Peters, MO 63376
(636) 441-2750
URL: St. Peters Manor

Federal regulations establish the regulatory expectations that skilled nursing homes must follow in order to remain as participants in federal programs. When the facility loses the right to participate in these federal programs, it halts the ability to receive any reimbursements from these programs. Therefore, it is in a nursing home's interests for a variety of reasons to take corrective action when federal examiners report upon deficiencies in care at that facility. 

The facility received a citation as a result of a complaint investigation that was reported upon in July 2017. Three different residents had encounters with one particular LPN that left them feeling treated in an undignified manner. These residents reported interactions in which the staff member was abrasive and, on one occasion, was heard telling a resident that they did not have the time for them. While verbal encounters such as these do not necessarily give rise to a legal cause of action, they are indicative of the manner in which a facility treats its residents since each resident is entitled to their dignity. Nursing homes that treat residents in an undignified manner are subject to a finding that they have failed to follow regulations.

This facility did receive a fine of $8,775 in June 2016. There was an investigation that was initiated in response to complaints. The investigation found that this nursing home should have, but did not, report several incidents that involved abuse allegations to the appropriate authorities. The first instance involved a resident who alleged that a CNA threw them into their bed and hurt their ankle. There had been some discussion of the alleged incident for several days, but no formal report of the incident was made until the resident hurt themselves in another manner and was heard to tell the paramedics not to hurt them in the same way that the CNA did. At that point, the resident had already told their responsible party that staff at the home picked them up by their hair.

The second incident occurred when a resident alleged that they were sexually abused by a staff member. The facility performed a genital examination and concluded that there was no evidence that an assault occur. In addition, staff believed that the resident had a history of delusions that would make an assault allegation improbable. However, the regulation do not have room for a facility to make that determination when it comes to deciding whether the report the allegation to the state. All allegations must be reported within two hours of when they are first made regardless of whether the facility believes that they have merit or not. 

While the facility did not receive a one-star rating for staffing, the numbers that it reported to Medicare are not indicative of an ample amount of personnel to provide care to the residents. The facility had 57 minutes of nursing hours per resident per day. This is well below the national average of one hour and 33 minutes. There was only 13 minutes of RN time for each resident per day, which is far below the national average of 40 minutes. Adequate staffing is important to tend to all of the residents' need.

In addition, this facility had a very high rate of hospitalization among its residents. Nationally, nursing homes average 1.7 hospitalizations for each 1000 resident days. This facility's hospitalization rate is nearly double the national average. While a high rate could be a reflection on the health of the residents as opposed to deficiencies in care, Medicare still penalizes nursing homes that have an abnormally high rate of hospitalizations by docking them up to two percent of their reimbursements.

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