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Information & Ratings on St. John's Place (Violations)

When you select a nursing home to care for your loved one, and this nursing home is plagued by care deficiencies and severe errors, it is a stressful situation for your family. In many instances, you will be able to move your family member to a different nursing home. Sometimes, you are not able to switch facilities before the nursing home causes harm to your loved one. Putting any feelings of guilt aside, you have the ability to hold the nursing home accountable for what they have done. When you hire a lawyer, you can file a legal claim that can ultimately entitle you and your family to financial compensation. 

St. John's Place is a small facility with 94 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs, although it has received a payment denial from Medicare and its continues status as a program participant is currently in question. The facility provides long-stay services to residents of the Greater Saint Louis area. It has for-profit ownership and it is located at:

3333 Brown Rd 
Overland, MO 63114
(314) 426-2211

The federal and state governments have various mechanisms whereby they can punish nursing homes for consistently inferior care that harms residents. In a worst case scenario, the nursing home can be permanently barred from the Medicare program. This is akin to a death knell for the nursing home since they derive much of their revenue from the federal government. However, when inspections continuously reveal serious problems and a nursing home fails to correct these issues, this is what the home risks. In the case of this particular nursing home, there are serious uncorrected issues that plague care.

St Johns Place is on the Special Focus Facility list. This is a list of the worst nursing homes in the country that have had a long history of serious quality defects. The Centers for Medicare Services places these homes on the list to call attention to the serious violations and stimulate future positive changes in the quality of care at the facility. Inclusion on this list can mean that either the issues found by the inspectors are more serious or the facility simply is not correcting the errors that have been found. One of the possible outcomes of placement on this list is that the facility may be terminated from Medicare. As of this writing, St. Johns Place has been on the list for four months. CMS expects to see a resolution of the issues that caused the placement on the list no later than two years after the facility received this designation. 

Here, St Johns Place has received two large fines from the federal government recently. The average fine for a nursing home is roughly $33,000, and fines that re larger than this are indicative of a serious lape. This facility had two fines, each nearing $100,000. These fines were issued in close proximity to each other, meaning the facility did not undertake improvements in its care after the first fine that would keep it from receiving another monetary penalty. Also, St. Johns Place has received a payment denial from Medicare in October 2017, meaning that, for a time, it was unable to receive reimbursements from Medicare for new residents.

Fines are usually assessed when there is actual harm to a resident or a resident is placed in imminent danger. The more egregious the oversight, the larger the fine. In September 2018, the facility received a $93,087 fine. Staff failed to initiate CPR for a resident with a full code order. A nurse walked into a resident's room and found them unresponsive with no pulse. The nurse called the physician and informed them as well as the resident's responsible party and the coroner. There was no documentation that the nurse verified the resident's code status and attempted to perform CPR. The resident did have a full code order that mandated that CPR be performed.

The facility also received a $96,673 fine in October 2017. There were four separate complaint investigations that were carried out from February 2018 through January 2018. In one of these investigations, the nursing home was found to have failed to have an appropriate system in place to monitor one particular resident who had a history of leaving the facility. The resident was able to exit from an unlocked door. That resident was found wandering away from the facility and was taken to a hospital by ambulance. In addition, this inspection report also noted the issues with pressure ulcer care that were documented by Missouri. 

St. Johns Place has received two different Notices of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri. These two notices were sent within three months of each other. The first Notice of Noncompliance was dated December 2017. This notice was a Class II violations and focused on the fact that the facility did not correct previously detected violations in several areas. These areas included medication error rates and failure to notify physicians of residents' blood glucose levels. The second Notice of Noncompliance was in March 2018 and addressed pressure ulcers. The home did not notify the physician in instances where two residents had developed pressure ulcers so that treatment orders could be obtained. Pressure ulcers are otherwise known as bedsores and can grow into painful wounds if they are not properly treated.

Not only has this facility received an overall one star rating and a designation as a Special Focus Facility, but it has also received a one star rating in each of the subfactors that are components of the overall rating. 

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