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When a nursing home is found to have a multitude of regulatory violations, it is a sign of deficient care and insufficient training and supervision. Even if a nursing home only has one violation, if it is your loved one who has suffered harm, you have legal recourse. Call the attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center to find out how you can file a lawsuit against a nursing home to receive compensation for your loved one’s injuries.

This nursing home is a 126 bed for-profit facility that offers short and long-stay care to residents of the San Bernardino area. The Medicare/Medicaid approved facility is located at:

14973 Hesperia Rd
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 245-6477
Spring Valley Post Acute

Spring Valley Post Acute

Both the federal and state governments act continuously and aggressively to make sure that nursing homes follow the laws and regulations that are the condition of both their licensing as well as their funding. However, this still does not fully protect the residents who may have been injured while residing at a skilled nursing facility. The legal system is the primary means that seniors and their families can use to make sure that they are compensated for any injuries that have been suffered. Families can file a claim against a nursing home and can have it heard by either the court or an arbitrator, depending on the particular claim.

While Spring Valley Post Acute has not received a fine by the federal government, it still maintains a one-star rating, which is the lowest quality measure that a nursing home can receive. Medicare provides rating for nursing homes that are based on the findings of inspection reports and complaint investigations. State inspectors provide the raw data to the federal government, along with their recommendations for actions. The federal government decides whether to adopt the recommendations and also assigns the quality rating. When a nursing home either has a large number of citations or the violations are particularly egregious, the rating will be low. Family members can see these ratings, and the intention is that they will give families an idea of the quality of care at the nursing home.

The facility actually has experienced a slight improvement in care at least as measured by the deficiencies on its inspection reports. In 2017, the nursing home received an inspection report that contained 22 violations. The facility had problems in the area of medication administration. One resident was noted to have not received their necessary medications on a timely basis. The resident was supposed to, but did not receive medication for diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension. The resident was not notified that the medications were not available and the physician was not informed. The facility has also experienced issues in providing residents with other interventions that are required by the physician’s orders. Specifically, one resident did not receive the oxygen treatment as necessary and the resident experienced shortness of breath.

While the recent inspection reports have improved slightly, the facility has a long history of being a defendant in litigation filed against it for various care errors. In a six-month period in 2015, the nursing home was sued six different times by families for injuries to residents. One lawsuit involved an incident where the family alleged abuse and neglect. The lawsuit alleged that staff withheld treatment and the resident developed pressure ulcers as a result. The lawsuit further alleged that some of the caregivers were unlicensed and the resident was not properly hydrated or changed when necessary. The nursing home was also the defendant in a class action lawsuit filed due to the conditions in the facility. Other lawsuits filed during that time period allege that one resident died because the nursing home staff gave him the wrong medication and allowed pressure ulcers to develop on his tailbone. Another family sued for wrongful death claiming that the nursing home did not tell the family that the man was injured falling out of bed and that the staff attempted to medicate the resident unnecessarily.

As of 2018, the nursing home was the defendant in four legal actions pending in California courts. Spring Valley will always attempt to compel plaintiffs to arbitrate their claims as opposed to be able to have them heard in court. The facility also changed names in the past and one effect of this name change was that it made it harder for families to research the nursing home’s history of poor care.

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The above descriptions evidence the lengths that this nursing home will go to in order to defend itself from being found liable for injuries suffered by residents in their care. In order to counter tactics like this, you need to be prepared to fight the nursing home with an experienced and aggressive lawyer. Contact us. The attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center have years of experience legally pursing nursing homes such as this one across the State of California. We are fully prepared to litigate aggressively on behalf of your loved one and your family. Call us today at (800) 926-7565 in order to schedule your no-risk free case consultation so you can begin the process of getting the justice that you deserve.


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