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When your loved one is hurt at a nursing home, you and your family do not simply have to take the nursing home’s word for what happened or just accept their explanation and move on. Instead, you can take legal action against the nursing home that may result in compensation for you and your family. Contact the Nursing Home Law Center to learn more about your legal rights.

Skyline Healthcare Center

This nursing home is a 256 bed for-profit facility that offers short and long-stay care to residents of the San Jose area. The Medicare/Medicaid approved facility is located at:

2063 Forest Ave
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 280-2500
Skyline Healthcare Center

In order to participate in federal and state medical programs that result in payments made to them, nursing homes must comply with both federal and state regulations that govern the care that is provided at their facilities. These rules touch upon everything that these nursing homes do and compliance with these rules is strictly measures. Of course, any violation of these rules has the potential to cause either physical or psychological harm to the vulnerable people who reside at nursing homes. Not only is a lapse in care an example of not doing right by the sick and elderly, but it can also be a violation of the law. Read below for examples in which Skyline Healthcare Center failed to follow the regulations.

Skyline Healthcare Center’s most recent federal inspection report contains an abnormally high number of citations in the area of quality of life and care deficiencies. It is generally errors and omissions in this area that present a strong likelihood of causing some sort of harm to the resident. Here, 13 of the 26 citations on the 2018 inspection report were in this area. This group of deficiencies will generally include a lack of assistance with grooming and the failure to provide the proper care to prevent pressure ulcers. Here, the staff did not reposition several residents every two hours as is required to help prevent those residents at risk from developing pressure ulcers. When residents are lying in the same position for an extended period of time, they are at higher risk for bedsores. This group of deficiencies also includes issues with the overall environment, including things that can cause a hazard to the resident.

Here, the quality of life deficiencies have continued, even after the facility received a number of them in its 2018 inspection report. For example, staff refused to let one resident keep their service pet, which caused the senior emotional distress. There was another complaint investigation around the same time that resulted in a citation because staff left one resident lying in their feces for over two hours, causing the resident to become very upset. There have been numerous documented instances over the past several years of staff providing inadequate bowel or bladder care. In 2019, the facility also received a fine from the state because a resident eloped from the facility and was returned back to the nursing home injured.

Skyline Health has received two fines from the federal government in the past three years. Generally, the state inspectors will gather the information at the facility when it comes to penalties and will then forward their recommendations to the federal agency. Here, the facility was fined in March 2017 when staff failed to screen a resident for pain, did not notify the physician about the pain, failed to update the pain care plan and did not order a pharmacological intervention. As a result, the resident had the potential to experience discomfort and serious pain. Federal regulators usually take action when nursing home staff fails to intervene to address a resident’s pain and it will often lead to a fine.

The facility previously drew a federal fine in September 2016 because it made an error in compiling a resident’s fall prevention plan when they were readmitted to the facility after a hospital stay. There was a sensor pad alarm that was previously a part of the plan but was now taken out and, as a result, the resident fell and broke their hip. There have been several violations with regard to accident hazards and safety that have caused actual harm and resulted in injury. Nursing homes have an obligation to not only provide a safe environment, but to continuously update care plans as necessary.

In total, the facility has been assessed 17 citations that have resulted from complaint inspections. While the facility is large and will necessarily see more complaints, this is still a high number.

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