Short-Term Nursing Home Admission Results in Deterioration of Pressure Sores and Sepsis

By Bed Sore FAQ

Short Term Wrongful Death

The family of a former nursing home patient at Caseyville Nursing and Rehabilitation (Illinois) has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility in connection to the death of their family member. The nursing home negligence lawsuit claims that the within a week of admission to the nursing home, the woman’s pressure sore on her heel and buttocks had become an open wound and the woman become septic.

In particular, the Illinois nursing home lawsuit claims that Caseyville Nursing and Rehabilitation was negligent in the following manners:

  • Failing to conduct a skin assessment when the woman entered the facility
  • Inadequately staffed their facility
  • Failed to develop a comprehensive ‘care plan’ for the patient
  • Failed to notify a physician regarding the deterioration in the woman’s medical condition

Short-term or ‘respite care’ admissions to nursing homes are a common service that many facilities provide. When patients are admitted to nursing homes for a period of days or weeks, the facility still has the same responsibilities to care for them as they do for their longer-term patients. Even for short-term admissions, nursing homes should conduct an assessment of the patients needs and create a care plan with the assistance of the patients family and physician to assure all of the patients needs are met.

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