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Information & Ratings on Shirkey Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (Violations)

Nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable members of our society since they cannot perform many daily activities and can no longer care for themselves. Your family relies on a skilled nursing facility to care for them, helping them with their daily activities and providing them with medical care. Skilled nursing is not an easy task, but the nursing homes charge quire a bit of money to provide this service. When they fail to do what they promise and it harms your loved one, you and your family may have a legal cause of action against the nursing home. This remains the same whether the nursing home has private or governmental ownership. 

The Shirkey Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a large-sized facility with 197 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The home provides long-stay and rehabilitative services to residents of Richmond, MO and the Central Missouri area. The home is owned by the county government and is located at:

804 Wollard Blvd 
Richmond, MO 64085
(816) 776-5403

Nursing homes undergo regular inspections that are carried out under the auspices of the Centers for Medicare Services. These inspections are part of the requirements for nursing home to remain in the Medicare program. If a facility is not complying with laws and regulations, it can ultimately be removed from the program. However, that is an extreme step. In the meantime, the federal government assesses compliance annually and may levy fines and other penalties against nursing homes for any serious instances of noncompliance with regulations. 

This nursing home received an overall one-star rating. This is the lowest rating that is available from Medicare. Normally, when there is a subfactor in which a facility has received a one-star rating, it means that the overall rating will be one star as well. 

One area that is a large component of this facility's subpar rating is the area of staffing. Each nursing home reports its staffing numbers to Medicare, and it receives a rating in this subfactor. Shirkey Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a large facility with a high resident census. Therefore, it is vital that this home be fully staffed. Otherwise, there are errors in resident care and certain vital functions may not be performed. This facility received a one-star rating in staffing. Here, the nursing home had 55 minutes of nursing times for each resident each day, which is well below the national average of one hour and 33 minutes. There was a total of three minutes of RN time per resident per day and no physical therapist time to note. 

In addition, this facility received a citation as a result of a complaint investigation that was carried out in September 2017. One resident had developed a pressure ulcer and the condition grew somewhat serious to the point where the ulcer had developed a foul odor. This requires that the resident's physician be notified as well as the guardian. However, nobody notified the physician or a family member of this condition. 

The most recent regular inspection report, released in March 2018, details some of the issues that this home has had with pressure ulcer prevention and care. One resident developed a pressure ulcer, but it was not noted or cared for by the staff. The skin condition was apparent, but was not treated until it grew worse. Another resident had a wound on their heel, which was not noted or reported until it turned black. Pressure ulcers are normally preventable. Even if a skin condition develops, it can often be treated before it deteriorates into a full-fledged pressure ulcer. While this nursing home does not have a rate of pressure ulcers that is markedly higher than the national average, the inspection reports note gaps in the nursing home's effort to treat and prevent this condition. There was also a similar issue noted in the previous inspection report, where the staff failed to measure and stage a pressure ulcer accurately. This means three separate reports that documented the staff's failures in this area. 

In addition, the most recent inspection report noted a medication error rate of 12 percent. While any medication errors should be avoided, facilities are permitted to have a rate minor errors of up to five percent. Here, there were two errors noted among the sampled residents. One particular staff member administered medication and did not hold the needle in the arm for the required time period. Staff also failed to date several medications, including one that is highly addictive, after opening the medication bottles. 

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