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Information & Ratings on Seasons Care Center (Violations)

Nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable members of society. Since they are no longer able to care for themselves, they are completely dependent on the staff at the nursing home where they reside. However, nursing homes do not always uphold and live up to the responsibility which is given to them. For whatever reason, the facility may either make an error or cut corners in a way that endangers your loved one. Nonetheless, nursing homes are not immune in any way from legal action. You can hire an attorney to represent your loved one's legal rights if they have been harmed while residing at a skilled nursing facility. 

Seasons Care Center is a small-sized facility with 78 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The facility provides long and short-stay services to residents of the Greater Kansas City area. It has for-profit ownership and is located at:

15600 Woods Chapel Rd 
Kansas City, MO 64139
(816) 478-4757

Missouri state law governs how care is to be provided at nursing homes in the state. In addition, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services provides oversight for these homes. The Department has a Licensure Regulations Manual that provide guidelines to all nursing homes that are licensed to operate in the State of Missouri. In addition, the federal Department of Health and Human Services regulate nursing homes through the Centers for Medicare Services. In order for facilities to remain in the Medicare program and receive reimbursements, they must also follow federal regulations. These rules are incredibly detailed and prescriptive and mandate a high level of care at each facility.

Seasons Care Center received a Class I Notice of Noncompliance from the State of Missouri in January 2017. A Class I violation is the most serious type and is generally assessed when there is either actual harm to a resident or the situation has placed a resident in danger of imminent harm. Here, there was a fire drill in the middle of the night in December. At the time of the fire drill, the temperature was 2 degrees Fahrenheit. One resident, who was a risk for elopement, was not properly tracked and wandered off during the fire drill. The facility did not have the procedures to track residents during a fire drill. This resident was found 100 yards away from the building in a wooded field with no jacket and no shoes. This incident also resulted in a $16,687 from the federal government since the resident was placed in imminent jeopardy having eloped from the facility in freezing temperatures without adequate clothing.

In addition, the inspection report from May 2018 noted that the facility hired staff without properly checking the appropriate records for any disqualifying events. For example, those who have been convicted of a felony cannot work in a nursing home. Here, the facility failed the perform the necessary checks for seven new employees in the necessary timeframe before they were hired.

In addition, the March 2017 inspection report noted that the facility did not properly use gait belts in certain circumstances when transferring residents. In order to ensure a safer transfer, staff should not grasp the residents under their arms since it is a higher risk for a fall and can cause skin injuries to the resident. Additionally, the facility failed to ensure that residents were able to consult with a qualified dietician. In one resident's case, they experienced a large and sudden weight loss which could not be corrected through the advice of a dietician since there was none on staff. Finally, there were numerous care deficiencies that served to heighten the risk of infection. 

Although the care at this home is not necessarily much worse than the average nursing home in Missouri, the fine that was received by the facility has impacted the nursing home's overall quality rating. As a result, the facility has received a one-star rating in the area of health inspections. This is the lowest rating that a facility can be assigned by Medicare. 

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