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Scranton Health Care CenterFamilies deciding to place a loved one into a nursing home are often overwhelmed at the thought that they will not receive the best care. Unfortunately, mistreatment occurs at many facilities nationwide, including in Pennsylvania.

If your loved one was injured while living in a Lackawanna County nursing facility, contact the Pennsylvania Nursing Home Law Center Attorneys now for immediate legal intervention. Let our team of dedicated abuse prevention lawyers work on your family’s behalf to ensure you receive financial compensation to recover your damages. All the necessary paperwork must be filed in the proper county courthouse before the statute of limitations expires.

Scranton Health Care Center

This long-term care home is a “for-profit” 44-certified bed center providing cares and services to residents of Scranton and Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. The Medicare and Medicaid-participating facility is located at:

2933 McCarthy Street
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505
(570) 341-6676
Scranton Health Care Center

In addition to providing around the clock skilled nursing care, Scranton Health Care Center offers other services. Additional focused care includes memory care, system living options, long-term care, personal care, and rehabilitative services involving physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Financial Penalties and Violations

Both the federal government and the state of Pennsylvania can impose monetary fines or deny payments through Medicare of any nursing facility that has been found to have violated the established nursing home rules and regulations.

The nursing home also received twelve complaints over the last three years that resulted in a violation citation. Additional documentation about fines and penalties can be found on the Pennsylvania Nursing Home Report Website.

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Scranton Pennsylvania Nursing Home Safety Concerns One Star Rating

The state of Pennsylvania and routinely update their comprehensive list of deficiencies online to reflect all violations

According to Medicare, this facility maintains an overall rating of one out of five stars, including one out of five stars concerning health inspections, three out of five stars for staffing issues and four out of five stars for quality measures.

  • Failure to Develop, Implement and Enforce Policies That Prevent Mistreatment, Neglect or Abuse of Residents – citation #F226 date October 21, 2016
  • According to investigators, “the facility failed to implement its established abuse procedures during the investigation of misappropriation of resident property.” Documentation of the facility revealed that “on the shift to shift medication cart, 5 mL of [a narcotic pain medication] was missing.”

    The Assistant Director of Nursing stated when interviewed that in Registered Nurse (RN) had admitted to pouring 5 mL too much of the medication and disposed of it.” The RN told the Assistant Director of Nursing “that there was no witness to her disposal of the medication as required by facility policy for drug disposal.”

    The facility suspended the employee for three days “pending the outcome of the facility’s investigation. The drug test was completed [on the Registered Nurse], which was negative, and [the RN] was allowed to resume working.”

    However, the Assistant Director of Nursing verified “that the facility did not notify the State Survey Agency, Pennsylvania Department of Health or complete an investigation (Abuse Reporting Form) on the potential misappropriation of resident property” by the Registered Nurse.”

  • Failure to Ensure the Nursing Home Area Remained Free of Accident Hazards and Risks and Provides Supervision to Prevent Avoidable Accidents – citation #F323 date October 26, 2017
  • The nursing home did not “consistently provide adequate staff supervision based on individualized resident needs to promote resident safety during mealtime to prevent a choking incident for [one resident].” The surveyors reviewed a Speech Therapist’s Notes that indicated that “the resident requires occasional supervision for oral intake.”

    The resident “had been receiving a purée diet with nectar thick (apricot juice consistency) liquids. The strategies during eating were to keep the resident in an upright position, encourage small bites of food, clear the oral cavity before each bite/sip, alternate liquid wash, utilize double/effort swallow and no talking while eating.”

    Even though the nursing staff had significant guidance on how to ensure the resident’s safety, documentation shows that at 10:00 AM one morning, “the resident was eating his breakfast and the main dining room when he experienced an episode of ineffective airway clearance.” At that time, “the resident was [taken] to his room and suctioned to remove residual food.”

    Both the resident’s Physician and representative “were notified of the incident. The Physician ordered a chest x-ray and changed the resident’s diet to a mechanical soft with no bread or bread products and nectar thick (consistency) liquids with all fluids.” The x-ray revealed “no infiltrations, masses or fusion in the resident’s lungs.”

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