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The San Jose nursing home abuse attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC view the failure of nursing homes to prevent pressure ulcers as an unpardonable offense because of the heartlessness and greed required to elevate profit margins above the basic needs of the people they are being paid to serve. This is a growing problem across the nation as for profit nursing chains permeate the industry due to the inability of non-profits to compete. If you would like to learn more about how to address the neglect of your loved one by his or her caregivers, we invite you to contact us with your concerns.

San Jose Senior Demographics

The city of San Jose is one of the fastest growing large cities in California and its population recently surpassed one million in 2015. During a five year period, the population swelled by over 7.8%, indicating that San Jose is an attractive destination for newcomers. About 10% of its population is comprised of senior citizens and there are many thousands more who are nearing their elder years.

To meet the needs of aging adults, San Jose has implemented the Active Adults 50+ program, which allows seniors to connect with others who share their interests, participate in physical and educational activities and enjoy group outings and events. Members of the program also have access to free health screenings, discounts on meals and special events and a newsletter which regularly updates them on upcoming events, classes and important services.

To learn more about the benefits of enrollment, you can visit this website.

Deciding Which San Jose Nursing Facility is Qualified to Care for Your Loved One can be Stressful

With 61 nursing homes serving the San Diego area, there is no shortage of choice when considering placing your loved one under the care of professional caregivers. This can make the review process more daunting, however, as you are often left wondering whether you have chosen a nursing center that will live up to its promises. Our San Jose pressure sore lawyers suggest using the nursing home compare tool offered by Medicare to narrow your search.

This comprehensive tool rates every area facility using health inspection records, staff to patient ratio information and past health violations and fines to help you avoid placing your loved one under the care of a nursing home known for mistreating patients in the past. To use the tool, just visit the Medicare website.

Bedsores at San Jose Nursing Centers are Signs of Under-Staffing, Neglect and Disregard for Patient Safety

The development of a pressure ulcer cannot be written off as an accident, error in judgement or unavoidable mishap. It requires the long term neglect of patients who are unable to move on their own accord. By simply checking in on these patients and repositioning them regularly, caregivers can prevent and detect the existence of sores before they become a serious problem.

Unfortunately, many caregivers are rushed and stressed because their facilities are severely understaffed. This phenomenon is the result of for profit nursing chains taking over the industry and cutting costs by whatever means necessary. When these measures impact the ability of remaining staff members to do their jobs, the patients are the ones who pay the ultimate price.

Fight Back by Putting Our San Jose Nursing Homes Lawyers to Work on Your Behalf When it Comes to Bed Sores

Your loved one should not suffer in silence and be denied a voice due to the rampant greed that has motivated nursing homes to place profits above people. If he or she has been injured due to neglect, Nursing Home Law Center LLC can help you find the justice and accountability that you and your loved one deserve. Contact us today to arrange a free case evaluation with one of our award winning San Jose bedsore injury attorneys so that we can investigate your claim, review your legal options and let you know exactly how we can help.

Should you have questions about California law related to pressure sores and nursing homes, view our page here.

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Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial. Lisa
After I read Jonathan’s Nursing Home Blog, I decided to hire him to look into my wife’s treatment at a local nursing home. Jonathan did a great job explaining the process and the laws that apply to nursing homes. I immediately felt at ease and was glad to have him on my side. Though the lawsuit process was at times frustrating, Jonathan reassured me, particularly at my deposition. I really felt like Jonathan cared about my wife’s best interests, and I think that came across to the lawyers for the nursing home. Eric