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Information & Ratings on Rosewood Care Center of St. Louis (Violations)

There are many different moving parts when it comes to skilled nursing care. The most important thing is that your loved one be well cared for and safe at the facility at which they reside. This means that both the medical and daily care be thorough and mistake-free. Even if they do not intend to do so, nursing homes can harm their residents in a number of different ways. If it happens to your loved one, you do not simply have to accept whatever harm your family member has sustained as a given. Instead, in partnership with competent counsel, you can file a lawsuit to right the wrong that was done.

Rosewood Care Center of St. Louis is a medium-sized facility with 120 certified beds. It participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It is part of a large nursing home chain and provides long-stay services to residents of the Greater Saint Louis area. It is located at:

11278 Scheutz Rd.
Saint Louis, MO 63146
(314) 991-4066

The federal government will make annual inspections of nursing homes in furtherance of its role as the steward of the Medicare program. Federal examiners do not give the facility advance warning of their inspection so they are able to get a sound vantage point of the exact nature of the day-to-day care that is provided. The results of the inspections are publicly released. Here, this facility experienced a troubling decline in the precision of its care based on its most recent inspection report. 

The December 2018 inspection report painted a disturbing picture of the level of care at this facility. The nursing home had a significant number of deficiencies in the area of health inspections. The average nursing home has roughly seven citations on each inspection report. It is expected that when a skilled nursing facility handles so many tasks, both medical and otherwise, that not everything will be perfect. However, when a nursing home has 26 health citation, it is well beyond the outer limits of what is acceptable. Here, the deficiencies touched on every area of care and affected many residents. However, there was not any actual harm done to a resident, which is likely the reason why the facility was not fined in response to this inspection.

The inspection report noted that there were many issues with regard to care plans and the failure to institute and follow them. A facility must have an immediate care plan put into place when a resident is admitted to address their most pressing needs, and this facility failed to do so. When the complete care plan is set, that plan must be followed. Here, the facility failed to even develop a care plan for two residents that pertained to specific health conditions of two residents. 

Beyond deficiencies in medical care, there were also issues in the day-to-day care that nursing homes must provide to their residents. Many residents at these homes cannot perform the basic daily activities and rely on the facility's staff. This includes both grooming and mobility assistance. Here, staff did not provide the proper incontinence care for residents and did not adequately clean them after incontinent events. Further, staff did not properly position the urinary catheter for a resident, placing them at a higher risk for a urinary tract infection. In fact, this facility has a rate of urinary tract infections among its patients that is nearly double the national average. Proper incontinence care is a key to helping prevent infections among patients. 

In addition, staff also did not take the proper measures when transferring residents. Transfers are supposed to be made using all necessary assistive devices and with adequate supervision. Here, staff did not assure that the mechanical lifts that are designated to transfer patients were properly working. 

Finally, there were a number of medication errors noted by the federal examiners. A facility may have up to a five percent medication error rate and may have no significant medication errors. Here, the facility did not either benchmark. There was a medication error rate of 16 percent. Most of these mistakes involved the manner in which insulin was injected by a pen. Additionally, staff did not prime the pens, which means that an incorrect dosage of medication is administered. 

In addition to a higher than acceptable rate of urinary tract infections, this facility also had a rate of pressure ulcers that is practically double the national average. Pressure ulcers are both painful and, in many cases, preventable. Staff must not only regularly reposition residents to avoid these bedsore, but they must also closely follow physician's instructions to treat these ulcers when residents contract them. 

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